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10 Signs It's a Good Hair Stylist ...

By Melanie

I cannot stress the importance of a good hair stylist. Afterall, who wants to end up with a brown hair color when wanting blonde or a hideous haircut or worse still with no hair! Fret not, it's not that hard to figure out if your stylist is good or a complete dud. Here are my top ten signs to help you with just that...

10 You Keep Both Ears

You Keep Both Ears Photo Credit: Hector Kim

Okay, many of you are laughing about this one. And while, I've never experienced this myself (Phew!), I have known some girls that have had their ear accidentally snipped. Ouch! Sure, everyone makes a blunder once in a while but make sure that your hairstylist is being careful and has an accident free record.

9 Doesn’t Drop Scissors

Doesn’t Drop Scissors Photo Credit: JenniPenni

A while back, I went to a stylist with a friend and I noticed how she kept dropping her stuff. She seemed lazy and worse still, non apologetic about her attitude. How is she going to give you a good haircutif she can't even hold on to her scissors? Needless to say, I never went back again!

8 Doesn’t Complain

Doesn’t Complain Photo Credit: AxisGrid

A good stylist will not complain. They will enjoy their job. Yes, even if you want that tough haircut just like in a picture you give them or ask a thousand questions about the latest celebrity hair trends, they will be more than happy to be of service.

7 Doesn’t Roll His/her Eyes

Doesn’t Roll His/her Eyes Photo Credit: jamelah

When you are giving the exact details of how you want your hair done, a bad stylist will roll their eyes and seem skeptical. If they’re continuously doing it while they are cutting your hair, then it would be best to find a new one. Who wants a skeptical,unconfident stylist anyway.

6 Doesn’t Talk Bad about People

Doesn’t Talk Bad about People Photo Credit: Farl

When stylists are cutting hair, they have a tendency to talk about a lot of things. They should not talk bad about someone else’s hair or the way someone dresses. This shows that they are not respectful to their clients. A little gossip is okay but beyond a certain point, it just becomes an annoying bad habit. Who knows what he/she is saying about you behind your back?!

5 Doesn’t Go on a Lot of Vacations

Doesn’t Go on a Lot of Vacations Photo Credit: DarkDaze Photography

A good stylist will be available most of the year. They will not go on vacations ever so often. When a client finds their stylist goes on a lot of vacations and are not available to cut their hair, it just makes sense to find yourself a new one.

4 Has a Good Attitude

Has a Good Attitude Photo Credit: Amanda♫

The stylist you choose should have a good attitude andbe happyand cheerful. Come on, you don’t want someone with a sour attitude cutting your hair now do you? An earnest smile is always a good sign.

3 Is Not Always on the Phone

Is Not Always on the Phone Photo Credit: ydhsu

It is important that a stylist pays complete attention to you and you alone when she's cutting your hair. Any phone calls, personal or otherwise are a big no-no. There's a reason why you're not allowed to talk on the phone while driving and the same reasons apply to your hair stylist. Before you know, you'll be left to cope with a terrible haircut.

2 Treats Your Hair the Same Way She Treats Hers

Treats Your Hair the Same Way She Treats Hers Photo Credit: raining rita

When your stylist is treating your hair as she would her own, you're in good hands. Make sure she doesn't tug at it a lot and is as gentle and soft as can be. Also, she shouldn't be afraid to share tips and tricks and product suggestions that she uses for her own hair.

1 Is Careful with What He/she Does

Is Careful with What He/she Does Photo Credit: aqui-ali

You know your stylist is good when they really pay attention to your hair and plan their every move and carry it through with utmost concentration. Haphazard snips and no planning may just mean that you need a new stylist!

Those are 10 signs you have a good stylist. If you have the opposite of these signs, then maybe it's time tosee a new hairdresser. What are you waiting for? Open up 411 and start looking now! Do you have a tip or a horror stylist story to share? Do tell!

Top Photo Credit: six28fifty

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