6 Hottest Hairstyle Trends for 2010 ...

Looking to experiment with new hair style ****trends in 2010? Your choices abound! There's an absolute feast of looks to choose from. Update your hair style with one of these hot new hair style trends that dominate the hair scene this year.

1. The Bob ...

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Precision cut bobs are huge this year, coupled with smooth, sleek styling, a blunt fringe and heaps of shine. Your bob should be carefully crafted to accentuate your unique facial structure, or highlight a long, beautiful neck.

Bob hair styles range from ear level to shoulder skimming and are best for straight or slightly wavy hair.

Reese opted for a classic elegant bob.

And if you're feeling a little more groovy... incorporate a mod feel into your bob, just like gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow did!

BTW,bangs go great with bobs, but only opt for the bangs if it works with your facial structure.

And if you are still questioning this hair style, just remember that fashion icon and Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour also wears a classic bob, and who knows fashion and style better than her! BTW, editors-in-chief of French and Russian Vogues also opted for this glamourous hair style!

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