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Coping with a Bad Haircut ...

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**By Georgette Grey **

If you've suffered a mishap at the salon and your hair isn't how you wanted, or worse, has gone terribly wrong, you're going to want to fix it straight away. Whether the stylist's symmetry was a bit off, the colorist left the dye on for just slightly too long, or your bangs aren't in the style you wanted them, most problems can be solved. You can't get your old hair back once it's been cut, but you can easily change how it looks.

The first thing you should do, once you've dried your eyes and put on a cute hat, is go back to the salon. As kindly as possible, explain that there's a problem with your hair, and if there's anything they can do about it. You shouldn't be charged, and more often than not, the stylist will be pleased to help you out. Try not to feel uncomfortable or awkward - you've paid for a service, after all, you should get what you asked for. If you paid for a sweater and one of the sleeves was missing, you'd take it straight back to the store, wouldn't you?

Perhaps you're really not comfortable with complaining (and that's okay, some people aren't), or you don't trust the salon you visited to come anywhere near your hair again, for which no one can blame you! In this case, you may have to DIY at home.** Ask for help from a good friend** or close relative if you think you'll need it. Have adequate mirrors and lighting, invest in a pair of professional hair cutting scissors, perhaps also some grips and styling products. It will all depend on what the problem with your hair is, but with time and care, you can probably come to a solution.

The only exception for this rule is with colored or damaged hair, for which you must visit a salon. Attempting to dye over, or even worse, bleach your hair, is almost always going to result in an unsatisfactory color and a large amount of damage to the hair. Your hair may be "dead," but you must take care of it with the correct treatments and products. Seek out a warm, welcoming salon that is within your budget, and a friendly stylist who can help you revamp your locks.

If all else fails, you can simply cover up your hair accident with accessories. Disguise a whole head of hair under stylish hats or patterned headscarves, and pin and clip any odd clumps of hair into position with grips, slides, and barrettes. Experiment and see what looks you can come up with - you may just develop a new fondness for fashionable hair accessories. And if you're really at your wits end with your hair, you can always wear a wig until it grows out. Try to keep positive, remember: it's only hair, it will grow back, and no one will notice the mistake half as much as you do.

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