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10 Tips on How to Pick the Right Hair Color ...

By Morgan

One of the biggest statements you can make is what you do with your hair. Sometimes, that statement can be a negative one. Knowing the right ways to determine how to pick the perfect hair color for you are vital when it comes to making people’s heads turn. So here are my ten tips on choosing the perfect hair color for you!

1 Don’t Darken Brown Hair if You Have a Pale Complexion

Don’t Darken Brown Hair if You Have a Pale ComplexionPhoto Credit: Bellisen

The extreme contrast in dark and light will make your complexion look unnatural and ashen. The “darken your hair in the winter, lighten in the summer” rule doesn’t work for everyone. If you still have that urge for a dark color, try a jet black. It’s a big risk, but for some people it can compliment your light countenance.

2 Lighten Your Hair in Baby Steps

Lighten Your Hair in Baby StepsPhoto Credit: katherine☮

If you are going to do-it-yourself and use a box mix, make sure you go in steps. Never go for more than two shades lighter than your most recent hair color. Going straight from brunette to blonde could possibly turn your hair a yucky orange. Think of it like a color palette wheel you see in any art class. The colors must blend before turning into a new color; you can’t get orange until you slowly mix red and yellow.


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3 Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Semi-Permanent Hair ColorPhoto Credit: M. Z.

This is for someone that isn’t ready to fully commit to a color for a long period of time. Not only does it allow you to experiment, it boosts the shine in your hair, tames frizz, and even covers gray hairs. It will wash out after a week or two of showering, and won’t leave that ghastly looking streak of your natural hair color at the roots.

4 Getting Cooler…No…Getting Warmer…Bingo!

Getting Cooler…No…Getting Warmer…Bingo!Photo Credit: kelsey rae c. photography

Are you warm-toned or cool-toned? Knowing this could help your over-all choice on which hair color to use. Warm-Toned people usually have no problem tanning. Your skin tones range from olive to brown and your eyes are a golden brown, green, blue, and anything in-between. In this case, look for colors that may be labeled as “warm” or “golden”. Also, if you examine your veins in your arm, if they are a greenish tint, you are warm. Cool-toned people’s skin usually burns more than tans. You have a naturally pale complexion with a “baby doll effect” that consists of red, rosy cheeks and dark brown and blue eyes. If you match this description, look for colors that are labeled with “cool” or “ash” in the name. After examining the veins in your arm, if they are a blue tint, chance are you are a cool.

5 An Eyebrow Raiser

An Eyebrow RaiserPhoto Credit: The Unexpected Stranger

One thing that always catches girls with dyed hair is their eyebrows. When I see a blonde with brown or black eyebrows, its super unattractive and I can immediately tell when it’s not their actual hair color. Either A) find a hair color that suits the natural color of your eyebrows or B) Dye your eyebrows the same color that you are dying your hair. If your eyebrows and hair have the right connection, then you’ll fool everyone.

6 Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Colors and Highlights

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Different Colors and HighlightsPhoto Credit: dropdeadred

You’ll know if it’s right when you try that perfect style. You’ll find that your skin glows, and you don’t have to wear as much makeup. If it takes a few trials-and-errors, who cares? Once you find that right one, it will be all worth it.

7 Think Back to Your Childhood

Think Back to Your ChildhoodPhoto Credit: Dalla*

If you are thinking about going blonde, the best way to see if it will suit you… Is by brushing off the dust from baby pictures! Were you born blonde? If the answers yes, you have the right skin tone for it. After all, you were first and foremost naturally a blonde, so it’s just been waiting to pop back in your life!

8 Ask Yourself if You Want to Color or Highlight

Ask Yourself if You Want to Color or HighlightPhoto Credit: Neon Anomaly

If your natural hair color already flatters you, why change it? If you want some spice, enhance it with highlights that will make it pop even more! Make sure your stylist is using more than one color to highlight your hair, and that they collect more around your face to illuminate it.

9 Don’t Judge the Book by Its Cover

Don’t Judge the Book by Its CoverPhoto Credit: Lazybones Photography

If a professional dye isn’t your cup of tea, and you’re rolling with the home dying box set that you can buy at any drug store, then don’t be disappointed if the color you get isn’t exactly the same color that ends up on your hair. I’m not talking you bought ash champagne and you got hot pink, but the color changes with different people.

10 Ask Your Hair Stylist!

Ask Your Hair Stylist!Photo Credit: Make Studio | Marty Coleman

Nothing is smarter than consulting your hair stylist about what you want to do with your hair. They know best, and if they don’t, you shouldn’t be letting them even touch your hair! Enlightening them with your ideas will give them something to go off of and they will go from there!

The choice you make you make with your hair color makes all the difference. Make the right one, and everyone will notice! Have you ever had a hair meltdown because of not following these tips in the past? What worked for you?

Top Photo Credit: lyssaaa

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