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10 Ways to Treat and Prevent Split Hair Ends ...

By Melanie

Split ends can make your hair appear dull, frizzy and damaged. Regardless of where your split ends are, whether they are at chin length, lip length, closer to your scalp or at the back, they will always produce some not so flattering results. I have dealt with enough split ends to last me a lifetime. And at last I have come up with 10 ways to treat and prevent split hair ends. Girls and guys alike, if you are dealing with this problem, here's how you can treat it!

10 Strengthen Your Hair

The best way to prevent split ends would be to strengthen your hair. Having a proper hair care routine for one should help keep split ends at bay. Also, opt for professional hair care products over the cheap ones available in the drug store. Better yet, consult with a professional in an upscale salon as to which products would be best for your hair. And don't forget, what you eat (or don't) will affect your hair. So opt for hair friendly foods.

9 Hydrate

Of course, it is important that you keep your hair properly conditioned and hydrated. When hair dries out, it becomes weak and brittle and can break easily with even the slightest movement. Feel your hair. If it seems to be kind of dry, you need to do something about it ASAP. There are a lot of oils, intensive conditioners and other leave-in treatments that will be able to cure your condition. My favorite - is Palm Oil, but you'll have to give it some time to get your hair soft and shiny again.

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8 Dry Weather and Heat

It does not take much hot air to turn your hair into a mess. Dry weather will do the same thing but there isn't much you can do about that. Blow drying often is right up there too in the causes of split ends. Try to cut down on the hair dryer as much as you can. Ditto for the 8 Best Hot Hair Straighteners ... @Alison. Ask for a cut that would demand as little from you as possible in terms of styling. A good stylist will be able to help you here.

7 Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

Did you know that frequent shampooing can cause split ends? Therefore, you should avoid washing it too often. Also, it is important to use a gentle shampoo that won't dry your hair out. The frequency may vary from every 2 days to every 5 days, depending on how much oil your scalp's producing. But try to go without extra shampooing as long as you feel comfortable with it. Once people at work start avoiding you, it might be time for that shampoo :) Kidding ! Don't wait THAT long :)

6 Swimming with Your Hair down in Chlorinated Pools and in Salt Water is a Big No

Of course, swimming in pools that have chlorine in it is going to hurt your hair. You may want to try wearing a shower cap on your head. Yes, we know, you may look silly, but at least your hair will not be damaged.

5 Mayo is Not Only Good on Food

Did you know that mayonnaise is a good conditioner? A regular mayonnaise bath once a week will help your hair. All you have to do is put a small dollop in your hand, then work it into your tresses for five minutes before you wash it out. The preferred time of mayo treatment is one hour and trust me, it will leave your hair smooth and shiny!

4 Spray the Brew

If you find that mayo is a bit too messy for you, then there is still help. Beer is used as a setting lotion. It will give you a healthy, crisp, shiny look. Even if your hair is dry! Pour some of the beer into a pump bottle and spray it onto your hair after you have shampooed it and towel dried it, but before you style it. Don’t worry about the odor, because the smell will fade away. Plus, it's cheaper than most hair products out there! Definitely worth a shot me thinks.

3 Avoid Those Vent Brushes That Have Plastic Bristles

Do you use those vent brushes that have plastic bristles? You may want to opt for a different one. These brushes can damage your hair by ripping through it. When your hair is dry, use a wide brush that has a foam pad. The Warren-Tricomi Bristle Cushion brush for thirty five dollars at is not bad at all.

2 Avoid Brushing when Wet

Wet hair is more susceptible to tearing, so you should avoid brushing it when it is wet. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb it through if necessary.

1 Trim It

Every six to eight weeks, you should trim the ends that are damaged. Never let the stylist use a razor on your hair as this can damage the ends. Regular trimming also gives you a chance to try out some fabulous new hair cuts!

If you already have split ends, the most efficient thing you can do would be trimming the hair and then following the preventive measures. Do you have split ends? Have you ever had split ends? How did you treat them?

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