10 Ways to Treat and Prevent Split Hair Ends ..


Split ends can make your hair appear dull, frizzy and damaged. Regardless of where your split ends are, whether they are at chin length, lip length, closer to your scalp or at the back, they will always produce some not so flattering results. I have dealt with enough split ends to last me a lifetime. And at last I have come up with 10 ways to treat and prevent split hair ends. Girls and guys alike, if you are dealing with this problem, here's how you can treat it!

10. Strengthen Your Hair

Strengthen Your Hair

Photo Credit: Vanilla Monkey Bear

The best way to prevent split ends would be to strengthen your hair. Having a proper hair care routine for one should help keep split ends at bay. Also, opt for professional hair care products over the cheap ones available in the drug store. Better yet, consult with a professional in an upscale salon as to which products would be best for your hair. And don't forget, what you eat (or don't) will affect your hair. So opt forhair friendly foods.

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