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12 Products for Beautiful Hair ...

By Melanie

I fully understand that each and every one of you that is reading this blog right now is interested in having beautiful hair. Thousands of women (and some men) around the world are searching for the best products for beautiful hair. If you have a friend, family member or co worker in your life that is searching for the best hair products, then you should point them in the direction of this blog. As I write this blog, I am going to give you my opinion on twelve products for beautiful hair.

12 Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Bumble and Bumble Surf SprayPrice: $22.00 at
First on my list of beautiful hair products, I have bumble and bumble Surf Spray. I tell you, they call it Surf Spray for a reason. You can create those salty, sexy windswept styles and it does not matter where you are. This is great for those individuals that have wavy hair. It is also great for those surfers that have those winter time blues. If you have fine hair, then you will find that it adds a great deal of body. For silver hair, it will add a nice texture. You can use this anytime you want. You can use if after Prep or TonicLotion. You can also use it during styling. All you have to do is work it through your damp or dry hair. You can let it dry naturally or blow-dry it. It is also great for dry hair detailing and giving a lift to those roots. I have found that the less you touch it, the longer it will keep its hold.

11 Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Seaweed ShampooPrice: $17.00 at
Not too long ago, I came across Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo and found that it really is as lovely as it has been described. The sales description of this product is definitely true and this product has lived up to its expectations. This is a mild, moisturizing daily shampoo that contains marine extracts. It is used in order to feed those roots and add shine to the hair. It also keeps the scalp feeling nice and happy. I recommend this shampoo for anyone, except for those that have very dry or coarse hair. It is perfect for those frequent bathers and is color compatible. You can use this shampoo daily and I recommend you following it with the Seaweed Conditioner. Use it in wet hair, lather it in palms and massage it through. There is no need to repeat the process.

10 Mousse Volumactive 150ml by Keratase

Mousse Volumactive 150ml by KeratasePrice: $22.50 at
This product is for those out there that have fine hair. It helps add some volume to you hair. It will also keep it beautiful shiny and soft. Whenever you use this product, you will see just how beneficial it is to your fine hair. Before you use it, make sure you shake it up and hold the nozzle in a downwards position. You should apply this to towel-dried hair. There is no need to rinse this product out. Style as usual.

9 Bain Oleo – Curl by Keratase

Bain Oleo – Curl by KeratasePrice: $23.00 at
This product is intended for those individuals that have curly hair and would like to have more curl definition. This is a shampoo that is for dry, curly hair. I found that this product was outstanding for curly hair. I never personally used it, but my friend has used it and she absolutely adores it. For those of you that would like that great curly hair look, this one is for you.

8 Spray De Mode by Bumble and Bumble

Spray De Mode by Bumble and BumblePrice: $25.00 at
When I first used this product, I must say that I was truly surprised at how beautiful it made out hair. This is a great styling too for those of you that would like that flexible, shiny hold. This is perfect for both supermodels and non-supermodels. You can use it when you are styling your dry hair with heat tools. When you spray it, you should hold it about ten inches away from your hair.

7 Gellac by Bumble and Bumble

Gellac by Bumble and BumblePrice: $24.00 at
For those of you that would really like their hair to stay put, I recommend this gel to you. You can use this product anytime you want. You can use it after Prep or Tonic or before setting and styling. You can start by working a small amount into your hair, then sculpting it. It is perfect for those spikes. Be sure you do not put too much. I have learnt that a little dab will go a long way.

6 Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque by Aveda

Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque by AvedaPrice: $26.00 at
For those of you that know you have dry hair, this hair product is for you. This product can be used on any hair type from the most brittle to the softest hair. It is a deep moisturizer that will give your hair the moisture it needs. It is being powered by pomegranate and buriti oil.

5 Rosemary Mint Conditioner by Aveda

Rosemary Mint Conditioner by AvedaPrice: $9.50 at
For those of you that would like conditioner that does your hair good, we recommend you trying out Rosemary Mint Conditioner by the ever so popular Aveda. Have you noticed the price tag on this conditioner? It is very affordable and surprising as it is such a high quality product. It is a great daily conditioner that will not weigh your hair down. It will prevent you hair from having static and tangles. It will add both body and shine for your hair.

4 Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming ClayPrice: $22.00 at
I wanted to tell you a product that is directed specifically around guys – This is for that guy in your life. Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay is perfect for those guys that want their hair to really hold. It will also add shine to their hair. Did I mention that it is light-weight? With this product, you will be able to control your hair and get any style you please. It is perfect if you would like to add that thick look to your hair. The smell of this product is also great.

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3 Aveda Men Pure-Formance Shampoo

Aveda Men Pure-Formance ShampooPrice: $18.00 at
This is another product that is directed specifically to men. This product has clinically been proven to leave the scalp feeling healthier, calmer and less irritated. It works great with Pure-formance conditioner in order to cleanse and sooth your hair. It is a great moisturizer that will add shine to you hair. After two weeks, you are going to see some great improvements.

2 Shampure Conditioner by Aveda

Shampure Conditioner by AvedaPrice: $9.50 at
If you are looking for a good shampoo that gives great protection from the environmental damage and stress, then this shampoo is definitely for you. I found that it has an aroma that is very soothing. When I used it, it made my hair shiny and soft. It has twenty five pure flower and plant essences in the bottle. It is great for different hair types.

1 SumoWax by Bumble and Bumble

SumoWax by Bumble and BumblePrice: $24.00 at

Here we are, at the last product already. We have told you about Aveda and Bumble and Bumble products because we think they are two of the best brands out there. For this SumoWax, you will find that it is great for those modern cuts. It gives a strong hold, yet it feels very flexible. It is great for applying detail to your hair. It is great for all hair types and can be used anytime you feel like it. It will not overwhelm those finer hair types.

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