10 Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss...

Hair is a serious matter, whether you're male or female. Society puts a lot of focus on having a thin body, but when it comes to hair, thin is not a word that we would like to hear. While a lot of times, baldness occurs in the men, this is also something that women suffer from. Losing our hair, our beauty signature, can be depressing and devastating. Hair products such as those expensive conditioners and shampoos no longer work as they used to in the past. Below, I am going to give you 10 tips on how prevent hair loss…

10. Stop Hair Pulling

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You should avoid hair pulling. This is because when you pull the hair, you are putting a lot of strain on the follicle and this can result in permanent damage. This will cause the follicle to no longer output new hair.

9. Don’t Rub Your Scalp

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When you towel dry your hair after you have washed it, you should be careful not to rub it. This can damage the follicles. A little advice – it is best to pay it dry instead of rubbing dry.

8. Avoid Wearing Wigs

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Unless your doctor has prescribed a wig to you, you should avoid wearing one. When you wear a wig, your scalp will not be able to properly breathe and it can suffocate the follicles. It can also irritate and rub your scalp!

7. Shampoo

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You should choose the right shampoo, because it is important for the health of your hair. To get the most out of your money, try matching the shampoo to your own hair type.

6. No Perms

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When you perm your hair, this can damage both your scalp and your hair follicle.

5. No Colorants

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Just like a perm, coloring your hair could damage both the follicle of your hair and the scalp.

4. Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly

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The shampoo you use has chemicals and soap, which can damage your hair and ruin your scalp if you do not get all of it out thoroughly.

3. Avoid Consuming Greasy Foods

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The old saying "you are what you eat" is pretty true. Science has proven that one strand of your hair can be tested in order to determine if you have taken drugs or are allergic to certain foods. I recommend avoiding greasy foods in order to prevent hair loss.

2. Avoid Your Scalp Getting Too Much Sun

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When your scalp gets sunburned, this can do damage to your scalp and will cause the follicle to be unable to produce hair.

1. Wash Sea Salt and Chlorine out

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If you go to the beach or a pool, then you need to wash the salt or chlorine out of your hair. If you leave it in your hair, then it can damage the follicles. It can also turn blonde hair a greenish tint!

These 10 tips on how prevent hair loss can help to protect your hair and keep it from getting too thin. I stick to these 10 tips on preventing hair loss and have not had a problem with my hair thinning out. Have you had a problem with your hair thinning out? What have you done to address it?

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