10 Tips on How to Grow Long Hair ...


10 Tips on How to Grow Long Hair ...
10 Tips on How to Grow Long Hair ...

Long, beautiful and shiny hair is every girl’s dream! I’ve always had long hair, and I can’t imagine cutting it short! Everyone is always asking me how I grow it so long, though, so here are my top ten tips on how to grow healthy, shiny long hair!

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Preparation! Growing long and beautiful hair goes far beyond just what shower products to use. The first step in growing long, healthy hair is to cut off any damaged bits, no matter how much you have. This is the part everyone always struggles with! Go to a hairdresser and ask them to remove all the dead hair, and to style the rest. That way, you’ll look gorgeous and have well- prepared hair!

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Book Regular Trims

Book Regular Trims This will prevent damage from stopping your hair from growing. Go as often as you need to! My hair grows fast, so I go at least a month, but see what works for you. Most hairdressers recommend a trim every six to eight weeks. If you notice your hair growth slowing down, there is probably damaged hair stopping it.

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Talk to Your Stylist!

Talk to Your Stylist! Tell your stylist that you are aiming to grow your hair, and get them to show you exactly how much they want to cut off before they start. This helps put you in control, and ensures the stylist doesn’t thwart your growing efforts!

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Avoid Heat!

Avoid Heat! Try your hardest to avoid using your hair dryer, curlers, straightners... even if you use protective spray, the heat dries out and damages hair, which significantly slows down growth, and eventually stops it completely. If you have to use something, make sure you use a lot of a high quality protection product!

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Don’t Use Chemicals!

Don’t Use Chemicals! For similar reasons to above, resist having hair permed or using permanent dyes, as these are very harsh on the hair. If you have to use a colour, try to use non peroxide, natural colour. Healthy hair will look gorgeous anyway, though, and you don’t want to get roots!

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Accessorize! Get rid of any accessories which might be damaging your hair. These could be rubber bands, or any hair tie that uses metal, as this allows the hair to get caught. Check that all barrettes and clips work correctly, and won’t be ripping out your hair!

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Eat Carefully!

Eat Carefully! If you are depriving your body of nutrition, your hair will be one of the first places to suffer. Ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals, and that you’ve got at least some fat in your diet.

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Be Gentle!

Be Gentle! Never brush wet hair, and if you can, get used to using a comb rather than a brush as much as possible. Combs are much less likely to rip hair, and will keep hair much healthier! Use a detangler if necessary, but don’t use too much or your hair will look greasy.

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Rinse in Cold Water!

Rinse in Cold Water! I hate this one, but it really does work! Make your last rinse cold, and it will seal the hair follicles and give you shiny, healthy and bouncy hair. It’s amazing!

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Deep Condition!

Deep Condition! Use a deep conditioner once a month, after leaving hair unwashed for slightly longer than usual. This allows the natural oils to work their magic, and the conditioner will enrich hair and make it glean.

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While there are more don’ts then do’s, growing your hair really isn’t hard, and once you’ve got the hang of looking after it and promoting growth, it’ll look gorgeous whatever length it is. Have you got a tip for growing hair, or looking after long hair? Please tell me about it!

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I'm now growing my hair out. I'm in 9th grade and i cut my hair up to my ears in 5th grade, and have wanted it long ever since. It's now in the middle of my back, and all my hair stylists say it's great. I deep condition, get trims and rinse with cold water. it really works everyone!! pay attention (:

This is the best post for me ...well at least from this week. Just last Saturday I cut my hair, was really very damaged cause I didn't cut it for almost 6 months and I was using hair dryer and flat iron all the time and although I was using protective products, my hair was still pretty damaged. Unfortunately my hair grows very slow, I had this problem all my life and even when I tried to let it dry naturally it still didn't helped.

My hair damaged badly last year due to too much of chemicals from hair colouring, straightening and also curl!!! Then I cut my hair short just under my ears!! It was so disappointed.. however.. my hair growth very fast after that maybe due to damaged hair disappeared.. hu3 =) but after 3 months it was slow down.. I taught if I dont cut my hair I can keep it longer hair but it works otherwise actually.. So I did hair trim and it did wonders on my hair growth.. I do trim my hair every month.. Finally, I got long hair I ever wanted.. it was full of satisfaction.. I ve to b patient n of coz sacrifice a lot; no colour,curl n straight treats, very fussy hair treatment (before I just shampoo but now I take effort on olive oil, vitamins and masker).. But I am so happy now with my hair.. its natural,healthy n beautifull.. sorry if i praised myself too much.. =)

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