5 Hat Styles Which Will You Rock?

By Meream

5 Hat Styles Which Will You Rock?

1 Furry Friend

Whoa look at Kelis. I do not agree with PETA's tactics but this hat just gives out that "inconsiderate to other lifeforms" vibe. Sure it keeps you warm but a beanie can do that, too.

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2 Floppy for Summer

Vanessa Hudgens has been rocking this hat for about a month now. From errands to Coachella, this hat has spent more time with her than Zac Efron. I can't blame her for keeping it close. It's pretty cute.

3 Hats in the Belfry

This black beauty is from Hats in the Belfry. I am seeing funeral chic. If that is too morbid for you, we can call it subdued summer.

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4 Panama from New Orleans

Karen got this beautiful Panama hat from New Orleans and I think we should all get one for summer. If you are dropping by New Orleans and don't mind shipping a hat to me, drop me an email.

5 Bird Pageboy

Skip to item number 6 to know what I'm referring to. It's the perfect combo of whimsical and summer-y! The best part: it will cost you only $14.99.
Top Image by **slimmer_jimmer**

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lovely hat!

Loll! Funeral chic. That is morbid but in a funny kind of way. :D 4 is lovely! I want.

the fedora. i will forever love the fedora lol

I really must get a hat for the summer. Thanks for the ideas.

i prefer to the panama hats!

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