7 Tips on How to Perfect the Oh-so-Stylish Braids Look ...


7 Tips on How to Perfect the Oh-so-Stylish Braids Look ...
7 Tips on How to Perfect the Oh-so-Stylish Braids Look ...

Braids are so stylish right now. There’s a celebrity looking great in them at every awards ceremony, and they are so easy to wear! There’s a few different ways to wear them, so there will be one thats perfect for your outfit, and makes you look amazing too...I couldn’t wait to work out how to wear braids, and here are the top tips I picked up...

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Go Natural

Go Natural I LOVE Mary Kate’s gorgeous braids! Combined with natural yet flawless looking make up, she looks romantic and stunning! Steal her look by using concealer under the eyes, and a bronzer across the cheeks. Then add some bronze eye shadow, mascara, and nude lipstick. You’ll look and feel amazing!


Boho Braids

Boho Braids Steal Blake’s style by adding three uneven braids into your style, after using a volume spray. Teamed with lipgloss and a maxi dress, you’ll have the perfect boho chick look! This is such a simple look, and it’s great for making a ‘typical’ hairstyle more exciting...I love it! Just make sure hair is well brushed before, and for maximum staying power, wash hair the day before you wear this style.


Sexy Yet Formal

Sexy Yet Formal Emma looks amazing in this formal updo, made much more casual and sexy with the addition of tiny plaits running through it. Tie hair into a messy bun, and pull free strands. Then use some of the longer strands in thin plaits, and fix across the front of the bun with Kirby grips. Leave the other strands free to keep the look sexy!


Country Girl

Country Girl I love Nicole’s take on braids, using a messy low bun as a starting point, and adding demure class

With the addition of two braids pinned on either side of her parting. Add some pink lipgloss and a girly necklace, and you’ll be the perfect sexy-country-look! Whether you team it with jeans and a T or a gorgeous mini dress, you’ll give it the perfect update.


Don’t Have the Hair?

If you don’t have enough hair to wear braids, consider buying some hair extensions. You can carefully plait them before you have them put in, or for longer lasting extensions, your hair stylists could put them in and style them for you. They are typically very easy to style, and look completely natural.


Look after Your Hair!

Look after Your Hair! Photo Credit: sh0dan

Braiding hair can put unhealthy hair under a lot of strain, and cause snapping. To avoid this, make sure you wash and condition hair regularly, and brush hair with a metal bristle hairbrush every day. This will keep knots at bay, and prevent them from causing problems in the braid!


Check out Fashion Magazines

Check out Fashion Magazines Check out fashion magazines for inspiration. Nowadays you'll see tones of pictures of models - in fashion shoots and in fashion ads rocking the oh-so-fabulous braids look. Seeing what you like? Then get the courage to try it yourself! Wear something similar to what the model of your choosing is wearing, do a similar only closer to real life makeup and become as hot as the model herself! If you see it in a fashion magazines, chances to do it wrong are very slim, so check out your favorite Vogues and Elles for inspiration and rock that braid!

I’ve been testing these looks out all week, and I love how many different looks you can get from just one style! So brush up on your braiding skills, and get ready to stun in this super stylish look. It’s a great confidence boost! Have you got a tip for wearing braids? I’d love to hear it!

Top Photo Credit: simple tess

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I absolutely love the look of fishtail braids! If I do a braid that morning though, it means that I'm too lazy or tired and I'll be doing a plain, messy side braid lol fast, easy, and pretty

These braided looks are fabulous! I love Emma's and Blake's look specially. This style is very bohemian and carefree and projects a fun personality.

Cool! I have braids all around my head how and i totally love it!

I just recently learnt how to do the fish braid and I love love how pretty it looks! Braids are awesomeness :D

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