12 Best Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence ...


12 Best Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence ...
12 Best Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence ...

Ways to improve your self confidence are numerous and each person has his/her own method of handling certain situations. Boosting your self confidence can lead to other positive things happening in your life. I've made a list of 12 ways that I think can help to raise a person's self confidence, hopefully some of these tips will help you when you need it.

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Think about What You've Achieved in Life

Think about What You've Achieved in Life Being conscious of all that you've already been successful at completing in life is important. This reflection will allow you to see that you are perfectly capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. Even if these tasks seem like small potatoes to you, they are what make you who you are. I find it's easier to make a list of achievements. Actually seeing them written down makes me think about them even harder. Sometimes, one will also trigger the recollection of another achievement.

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Make a List of All Your Strengths

Make a List of All Your Strengths Writing down all your strengths is a must. Verbally listing them all is very difficult and actually seeing them written down will only improve your self confidence even quicker. It's hard for some people to be able to say they are strong in some category, they feel they are boasting. I know this is how I feel. I have a hard time listing strengths because I often don't feel like it is really a strength. Any positive trait you have is considered to be a strength.

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Think Positive Thoughts

Think Positive Thoughts Thinking positively about not only yourself, but also in your own capabilities will usually lead to positive responses from other people. Good thoughts usually lead to good things occurring. Being an optimistic person attracts other optimistic people as well. If you surround yourself with positive attitudes then you will be more likely to feel good about yourself.

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In addition to attracting positive people and experiences, thinking positively can also have physical and mental health benefits. According to research, positive thinking can improve your immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase overall happiness and life satisfaction. This can be especially beneficial for women, who often face societal pressures and expectations that can negatively impact their self-confidence. Incorporating positive thoughts and affirmations into your daily routine can help combat these negative influences and boost self-esteem. Additionally, surrounding yourself with supportive and positive individuals can create a strong support system and help foster a more confident mindset.


Set Small Goals You Can Easily Achieve

Set Small Goals You Can Easily Achieve Goals don't have to be huge things, like, climbing Mount Everest or hiking the Appalachian Trail. They can be small and doable in a lifetime or, better yet, in less than a day. An example of a small goal that is perfectly achievable in a short amount of time would be to smile at five people during the day. Very rarely does anyone frown at someone who just smiled. You could even write down a bunch of goals that can be done on any day and put them into an empty coffee can or other container. Draw one out from time to time and make a game of it. Could be fun!

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Recognize Your Insecurities

Recognize Your Insecurities If you know what your insecurities are, this will improve your self confidence as well. People who are aware of what makes them insecure are able to either avoid these situations or confront and conquer them. Maybe you're insecure about the size of your feet, well, then don't wear red glittery shoes to draw attention towards them. I have very large feet for my height, but I feel that if someone is going to judge me by the size of my feet, then maybe they are insecure about their own feet. Or, maybe they have an insecurity that they are trying to cover up by focusing their attention on my feet. Who knows? Try not to worry about what others might think about you. If you're happy, that's what matters.

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Don't Look at Yourself as Being Inferior to Others

Don't Look at Yourself as Being Inferior to Others Everyone is different. If each person was the same, then the world would be a very boring place. There's no reason for you to feel inferior, no matter what. Some people think they are worth less because of the occupation they have. Someone has to do it, right? If you are good at what you do and try your hardest, then there's no reason to feel ashamed or like you are less of a person. Write down reasons why you feel inferior. Right next to each reason, write why you're not. If you can't come up with something on your own, ask a trusted friend.

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Talk with Friends and Family

Talk with Friends and Family This sort of leads from number 7 on the list. What better way to improve your self confidence than to talk to friends and family members about issues you have? I find my sisters and my friends are great ego boosters. Just when I feel like things can't get worse and if I'm starting to feel like I don't have a purpose, I give one of them a call and all is well after about a half hour or so. I don't whine to them, but just let them know how I'm feeling and find out what's going on in their lives. Sometimes they need my help and it boosts my moral to help them out!

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Remember That Imperfection is a Human Characteristic No One is without

Remember That Imperfection is a Human Characteristic No One is without No one is perfect. There might be a few people who think they are, but there are other people that are easily able to see why those people are wrong. Imperfections are what make everyone unique. An imperfection isn't necessarily a bad thing. Something that you might think as being an imperfection can be a positive trait to someone else. Some people focus on physical characteristics that they feel are imperfect, while others might focus more on character attributes. Think about what makes you unique instead of feeling like these make you imperfect.

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Be Thankful

Be Thankful I know I'm always thinking about what I'm thankful for. I may have days where I'm in pain, sick, tired, no money, and something is wrong with my car as well, but I think about all that I do have. I may be sick, but I'm not dying of any major illness. I may be tired, but I can go take a nap if I want to. I may not have money, but I have a wonderful husband and three excellent kids. Keep a running list of all that you are thankful for and post it inside the cabinet door, so you can see it each time you open the door.

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Help Others

Help Others Being helpful will greatly improve your self confidence because it will give you chance to do something nice for someone else. This is usually a positive experience and I mentioned earlier that positive thinking helps with self confidence. Helping others will often get a smile from the person you are helping as well. I used to go to the nursing homes with my grandmother when I was little. We would visit all the little ladies and gentlemen that didn't have any family or friends to visit them. We did this every Wednesday. My grandmother is 85 and still goes. These visits mean so much to each person and helps them to get through another day. It really makes you appreciate what you have even more.

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Don't Brush off Compliments That Are Paid to You

Don't Brush off Compliments That Are Paid to You I know, sometimes it's hard to accept a compliment, at least for some of us. I'll admit, I find it difficult to say thank you for a compliment that I don't feel I deserve, but I do it anyway. It comes across as being rude if you just shrug it off. Most people don't compliment others unless they have a reason to. Very few people are random complimenters and go around doing this for fun. Just accept compliments graciously and say thank you with a smile.

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Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter I didn't really know what else to call this method of boosting self confidence. Maybe you call it something else. The just of this method is to think about being confident and pretending nothing bothers you. Be a little forward sometimes, no matter how scared you are inside. If you see someone wearing a sweater or carrying a purse that you like, tell them so. Stray from you comfort bubble at times and eventually you will be able to have more confidence than you ever thought you would.

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Being able to improve your self confidence is achievable, even if you only are able to work in small steps at a time. There's no need to jump into it with both feet and scare yourself to death. I even have days where I'm quiet and observant, instead of outgoing. Making eye contact with people is a sign of self confidence, so even if you have days you don't feel like chatting with everyone, at least keep your head up and look around at what is going on around you. What about you? What makes you feel more self confident?

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Awesome tips. I was one of the least confident person I knew. It has gotten a lot better in past couple of years. I still feel really insecure at times. I usually get a fair share of compliments but I have no idea how to take them.

wow i feel much betour like this thanks for the advise

Sheila, I totally agree with you. I think most constructive criticism comes from mothers and siblings, and maybe some very close friends. Xannyyy, you are right, most people build their self confidence as they get older and wiser, and really stop caring about what others think of them. So, there is hope for almost everyone.

positive thoughts make all the difference and I love the idea of making a list accomplishments (they seem so much longer when you write them all out!) but on a smaller level for me it's dancing around to a really good song. I don't know why but just letting loose and dancing my way without worrying energizes me, which makes me happier, and hence I feel better about everything and more capable. And on a more superficial note the instant I put on mascara, just mascara, my confidence shoots way up. I am not sure why but a little pampering here and there does the trick.

i feel ,that what yu have been saying yu guys is good,coz it can help us boost our confidance,in some cases some of us we loose things that rightfully belong to us juss because yu dont have enough confidance to stand your way to say this is rightfully mine ,thank yu guyz

I don't know if it's good to think about what things you've achieved in life....if you are talking about a person that didn't achieved anything. I mean I've seen cases when they were 35 years old and still living with parents. All they've got was a medium job and not because they didn't had any perspectives but because they've party to much until 30 years....they didn't realize that time was passing by.

All of those points are truth ful! I think a post like this was really needed! There's alot of people out there who really have a problem with their selff confidence! Thinking positive and always see your self in good are the first steps. We need to look at the good stuff about us and never judging our self in bad ways. People may judge but a person should make sure she's sure of herself before dealing with what others think! I would give point number 10: Think positive thoughts the best marks. Thinking posibtivly about your self, the way you look and act would make you more confident for that out side world! Even talking about it helps. I had that kind of problem when I was little and thanks to a special friend I got trough it! :)

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