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10 Ways to Overcome Shyness ...

By Kati

Many people think shyness must be your natural programming, and so can’t be helped. While it is natural, there are plenty of things you can do to help yourself overcome shyness, and even some famous celebrities started out shy! Here are my top ten ways to overcome shyness...

1 Understand Shyness...

Understand Shyness...Everyone has a different trigger. What makes you shy? Is it people, being out of your depth, self consciousness? Once you know what makes you shy, it’s much easier to face it!

2 Learn to Fight Self Consciousness...
Self consciousness is usually a major issue for shy people, even those who are often triggered by something else. Recognize that the world is busy, and most people are far too concerned with themselves to look at you. Use your self consciousness to become self aware, an amazing skill.


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3 Find Your Strengths...

Everyone has strengths, and discovering these can make us feel really good about ourselves. Find something you are good at, from cooking to running, and focus on doing it well. This will boost your self esteem.


4 Like Yourself...

Like Yourself...Learn to appreciate yourself, and what you are good at. Write a list of your good points, do things that you enjoy, and learn to love yourself. Again, this will boost self esteem, and prevent you feeling worthless or worse, feel like hiding.

5 Don’t Conform...
Trying to be like everyone else is exhausting, and not worth the time. Now that you know what makes you amazing, appreciate that everyone is different, and give up trying to conform. So you’re not a social butterfly, who cares? You’ve got everything you need!


6 Look at Others...

Look at Others...Instead of thinking about yourself and how shy you feel in social situations, look at other people. Notice how they conduct themselves, and what they say. They might be feeling just as shy as you, but hiding it well.

7 Breathe...

Breathe...Practise a breathing exercise to keep you calm. Take deep breathes with your eyes shut, concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. This will calm you down, and keep you feeling assertive without being shy.

8 Run!

Run!Anxiety is stored up, making stressful situations even worse. Try running, or yoga, to release the blocked anxiety through movement.

9 Visualisation

VisualisationVisualize yourself as a confident person, one who deals with their shyness. Close your eyes, sit somewhere relaxing, and imagine yourself as the person you’d like to be. How do you feel? Get your senses involved to make it as real as possible, and use this visualization as a guide.

10 Affirmation

AffirmationWords have a huge impact on our lives. Tell yourself that you can overcome shyness, and that you are capable, confident and happy. This positive affirmation will reinforce positive thinking, and make you feel confident.

Shyness can be hard to overcome, but practice these tips and soon you’ll be feeling confident and in control, wherever you are. If you really struggle with your shyness, try talking to your doctor, who may be able to arrange medication or therapies for you which are proven to help. Have you got a tip on overcoming shyness? Please share it with me!

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