10 Effective Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence ...

When I walk down the street, certain women always stand out to me. Simply because they have more confidence. They walk through a crowd with their head held high, posture great, with bright dresses on- looking stunning. & then there's me, walks IN the crowd trying to hide myself, head down, slouched, wearing my skinny jeans and a hoody. The only way to describe this look on me is, "boyboyboyboyboy". It struck me a few months back that what I desperately require is self-confidence; something we all need to feel healthy in mind and body. Therefore, I thought of some advice that will help gain self-confidence. Here they are;

1. Splash out on Clothes You Love

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Whenever I buy a new outfit, I race home to try it on. I always find that after racing home to try it on -and feeling great- I always want to go out somewhere in it, I become liberated at the thought of showing myself off to the world. This is why this option is number one on my list; I don't know about you, but everyone I know feels great in new clothes and can't wait to stand out in a crowd with them.

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