10 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude ...

Okay, hands up. Who has a tendency to worry too much and see the bad side of any situation? Admit it - I can’t be the only one. Well, I’ve resolved to cultivate a more positive attitude from now on, and here are my tips to help achieve a healthier outlook on life.

1. Accept That Things Will Go Wrong in Life

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We can’t control everything, so accepting setbacks as part of life will prevent you from getting quite as stressed about it.

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2. Learn to like Yourself

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I’m not going to spout any guff about being your own best friend (ugh), instead I’m talking about accepting yourself as a fully rounded human being, with good and bad sides. Which means that you’re not perfect and shouldn’t aspire to be.

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3. Stop Comparing Yourself Unfavourably to Other People

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So they’ve got more money, a bigger house. So what? Material worth doesn’t make them superior to you.

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4. If You Have a Problem, It’s Unlikely to Magically Sort Itself out

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So rather than stressing about it, work out what you can do to deal with it. For example, if you have financial problems, contact creditors, reduce your outgoings, plan how to pay off debts. Take control and you will feel more positive.

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5. Enjoy Simple Pleasures

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What’s wrong with wandering round the park, looking at flowers, eating chocolate, or losing yourself in music? Such ‘little things’ are valuable ways of spending your time if you bother to enjoy them to the max.

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6. It’s Never Too Late

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Always wanted to do something but think you’re too old/too poor/too late? Then plan a way in which you can achieve it. There are people of 90 passing degrees, for God’s sake. They haven’t given up.

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7. Hated School?

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It’s never too late to learn. Teach yourself, or take adult education classes. Acquire knowledge just for the love of it and exercise your brain. Read newspapers, learn about the world. There’s always something new to discover.

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8. Bored with Where You Live?

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Start seeing your environment with new eyes. Even the apparently mundane can be interesting. Look at the buildings, walk down streets you’ve never walked down before. Try to discover the history and hidden gems of your town.

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9. Mind and Body Are Linked, so Take Some Exercise

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Yeah, I hate it too. Forget aerobics though, try walking, cycling, yoga or swimming. Gentle, but enough to get your body moving and help you feel better physically and mentally.

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10. Find Something That Always Makes You Laugh, Say a TV Show, Song or Video

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When you’re feeling down, watch it and enjoy a good giggle. Or do something childish. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t act silly once in a while.

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So what are your tips for staying positive? What’s worked for you?

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