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Why is it that bad habits are so easy to form, but good habits are almost impossible to pick up? Smoking, sleeping late… those are easy! But being on time and working out, those are difficult! And there are so many good habits we need to form, and to keep… and of course, I’m just as guilty of trying to skip them as the next girl. I know which good habits I need to work on… it’s an ongoing process, but it’s important! Here are 7 good habits to form now…

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Get Sleep

Get Sleep Photo Credit: Miha Miha

Getting enough good sleep is key for good health, good memory, good attitude, and even good skin! So why do we sacrifice sleep for so many other things that are less important? Start setting a healthy sleep pattern now, and you’ll find this habit is actually easy to form!


Drink Water

Drink Water Photo Credit: jason.jiandan

We drink a lot of things during the day — coffee, juice, soda — but how many of us drink water like we know we should? Probably not many of us. This is a good habit I’m trying to form right now. I know I need at least 48 ounces of water each day, and I’m trying to drink more by carrying a reusable water bottle with me everywhere…


Wear SPF

Wear SPF Photo Credit: dee225

By now we all know how dangerous even a single sunburn can be, and how long-term exposure to the sun, even without a sunburn can cause skin cancer. So why don’t we all wear sunblock every day? This is a good habit you can form that may save your life. Wear sunblock every day!


No Unprotected Sex

No Unprotected Sex Photo Credit: Pixmac-com

This is another good habit you can form that might save your life! Aside from HIV/AIDS, there’s herpes, syphilis, and so many other nasty STDs out there… so why risk it? One exposure can change your life forever, so always, ALWAYS use protection when you have sex!


Healthful Eating

Healthful Eating Photo Credit: ilikegranola.com

Junk food is fast and easy. But it’s so bad for you! It may take a little more time and effort to eat more healthful foods, but it’s worth it. This is another good habit you can form now for better health and even better beauty! And who doesn’t want to be healthier and more beautiful?



Exercise Photo Credit: Method Fitness

This good habit has been the hardest one for me to get into… it takes a lot of motivation, but my inspiration is simple. I want to be around for as long as I can to see my daughters grow. And I want to be able to keep up with them! It’s also nice to be able to fit into m jeans, and to have killer abs…


Be on Time!

Be on Time! Photo Credit: Dan Eriksson

According to me boyfriend, I have a horrible concept of time, and though I try to be 5 minutes early for everything, I end up being 5 minutes late. So now I’m trying to make a habit of being ten minutes early… so maybe now I can be on time!

These are just the good habits I’m trying to form myself… I know there are so many more we can all be working on… yikes! What good habits are you working to form, and why? Please let me know!

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i have all the good habits that you have listed except the SPF habit....... can u please suggest me a good sunscreen......because i have oily skin with a little bit of acne problem also.....please do suggest me......

thank u sheila.. :)

I am always in a rush or late because I have a very bad sleeping habit. I knew I have to change........hmmm.....lets see.

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