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27 Positive Self-Affirmations for 11 Aspects of Life ...

By Denise

Affirmations are things you tell yourself on a daily basis. They reflect the personal beliefs and truths that you have learned since your childhood. Your inner truths guide the way you react to different situations in your life. Negative affirmations hold you back from being your true self and living a great life. On the other hand, positive affirmations can lead you to a fulfilled life and can help you be your true self. Here are 27 positive self-affirmations for the 11 aspects of your life.

1 For Self-Esteem

For Self-EsteemPhoto Credit: Hanan Cohen

• I deserve to be alive as much as anyone else.
• I am worth more than my material possessions.
• I have a special place in this world.

2 For Body Image

For Body ImagePhoto Credit: Sandra Torralba

• I am a beautiful person with a beautiful body.
• My body is strong and able; it serves me in ways I can’t count.

3 For Health

For HealthPhoto Credit: Piedmont Photo

• My life force is vibrating with energy and life.
• I heal my body and spirit with positivity.
• I deny all that harms my cells.

4 For Weight Loss

For Weight LossPhoto Credit: Franca Alejandra

• I have it in my power to get up and move my body.
• I nourish my body with healthy and whole foods; it deserves nothing less.

5 For Abundance

For AbundancePhoto Credit: s4ints

• I am ready to accept the wealth of the universe.
• Abundance flows through me and within me.

6 For Work Life

For Work LifePhoto Credit: wili_hybrid

• I can handle the responsibilities and challenges of work.
• I am ready to do meaningful work.
• I make a difference with the work I do.

7 For Goals

For GoalsPhoto Credit: Renjith's Pictures

• I believe that my goals are in my reach.
• There is nothing I can’t do.

8 For Romance

For RomancePhoto Credit: R?R?

• I deserve a person who loves me unconditionally.
• I am a complete person who is ready to be complete with someone else.

9 For Love and Friendship

For Love and FriendshipPhoto Credit: toriginal

• I surround myself with true friends.
• I am a good person who is ready to be a true friend.
• I give love and it is returned to me a thousand fold.

10 For Happiness

For HappinessPhoto Credit: { sheila }

• My happiness depends on me.
• I choose not to suffer.
• There are wonderful surprises waiting to be discovered.

11 For Inner Peace and Harmony

For Inner Peace and HarmonyPhoto Credit: catcetera

• I am unfazed by the constant changes that are happening.
• I am at peace with myself and the world around me.

You can use these examples to create your own positive self-affirmations. Make sure that you use the present tense to tell the universe what you want or what you want to keep having in your life. Use these self-affirmations to manifest positive change in your life. Let us all live great lives and be our true selves.

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