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7 Things to do to Live Longer ...

By Aprille

I think that if we had fully mastered what things to do to live longer then we would all be doing it by now. However, there are certain tips that this article can offer that may help to prolong your life at least for a little bit.

7 Do Not Be Scared to Visit a Doctor or Other Healthcare Professional

Do Not Be Scared to Visit a Doctor or Other Healthcare Professional Photo Credit: caroline_1

Often when someone is ill or notice something abnormal they do not seek medical help straight away and this can make matters much worse. As soon as you notice something that is unusual and you are slightly worried then look for advice, treatment will be more likely to work if necessary and your life extended.

6 Set Aside Some “me” Time

Set Aside Some “me” Time Photo Credit: topfloor

It is important that you spend some quality time with yourself and use it to relax. Although gallivanting all over the place can be extremely fun, if you continuously do this it will wear you out eventually. Step back, take a deep breath and relax.

5 Spend Time with Loved Ones and People That Are Special to You

Spend Time with Loved Ones and People That Are Special to You Photo Credit: Karin_and_Bruce

You may think that this is a strange one but I think that spending time around people that love you and who you love is really important. Your happiness levels are likely to be raised and this can have affect on the quality plus the length of your life.

4 Work Hard but at the Same Time Play Hard

Work Hard but at the Same Time Play Hard Photo Credit: 4PIZON

Finding the balance between work and play, so to speak, can be rather difficult but it is necessary to not overwork yourself. In my opinion you do not want to immerse yourself too much in your work so that you become stressed and ill.

3 Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

Try to make the most out of everything that you do, enjoy the fact that you are living and always try to think on the positive side. A happier person is probably more likely to live longer than one who is not, and if not then at least they have enjoyed and gotten the most out of their life.

2 Exercise on a Regular Basis

Exercise on a Regular Basis Photo Credit: jvas90

Not all of us are Linford Christie and we are not expected to be able to sprint at a fast pace. However, it is important that we exercise as often as possible, this might mean a session down at the gym or daily walks.

1 Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Photo Credit: Artworks Creative Communities

This does not mean eat only vegetables and fruit. In order to maintain a healthy diet you need to try to eat well balanced meals and a wide selection of foods. Yes, in my opinion, there is no harm in fitting the occasional cake or packet of crisps into your diet as long as that is not all you are living on.

There you have 7 things to do to live longer and although they will not guarantee a longer life, they should help. In my opinion as well as adopting these tips you should take care of your body and mind by trying not to partake in unhealthy habits, if this is not possible then try to reduce your intake.

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