10 Tips for Living Longer ...


10 Tips for Living Longer ...
10 Tips for Living Longer ...

Getting old is a fear that most women share. Not only do we have to cope with the visual changes that occur, but there are also a lot of new health risks, too. Want to make sure you are in optimum condition? These are my top ten tips for living a longer, and healthier, life.

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Stop Smoking

While this one is one of the most obvious, it’s definitely worth repeating. One in every two smokers will die from a illness caused by their habit, and you aren’t only damaging your own health. Your second hand smoke will affect the health of your partner, family and friends, and children whose parents smoke are much more likely to smoke themselves. There is a lot of help available to help you stop, and you’ll feel much, much healthier afterwards.


Control Your Wine Intake

Wine is very good for you, in moderation. It increases the amount of antioxidants in your system, which protects your heart, and wine drinkers are proven to live longer. Drinking too much can lead to oral cancer or kidney and liver damage, though, so make sure you stick to the recommended allowances.


Watch Your Weight

Obesity is the cause of 30,000 deaths a year, and experts are now putting it on par with smoking. If you are obese, your children and partner is likely to be as well, meaning you are all a lot less healthy then you could be. Want to change this? Your doctor should be able to offer assistance, in the form of referrals to a dietician or medication which can help you to lose weight.


Check Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can go unnoticed, especially if you live a stressful life. Make an effort to have it checked every two months or so, to allow any differences to be recorded and to make sure you are within healthy ranges. Around 120,000 heart attacks and strokes could be avoided by people monitoring their blood pressure, and 62,000 lives could be saved. You can have it checked by your doctor, or purchase a blood pressure monitor to use at home.


Look after Your Skin

Regularly look after your skin. Find a moisturizer for your skin type and apply it at least once a week, and apply suncream when necessary. Getting used to your skin will mean you notice any changes much faster. Look for growths, ulcers or sores that don’t heal, new moles or moles that change in colour, shape or size, or that itch or become inflamed. These symptoms should be reported to your doctor, who can get them checked out. While most of the time it will be nothing, you risk leaving it too late to treat if you wait and it isn’t nothing.


Book Your Smear

Smear tests aren’t nice, and I’ll admit to wanting to skive mine! They are very important, however. Cervical cancer kills 5,000 women per year, and these deaths could be prevented if the initial cell changes were picked up on a smear. Bite the bullet and book yourself in...after all, it doesn’t take long and it could save your life.


Settle in the Country

Research has shown that those who live in the country are likely to live 6 years longer then city dwellers. It’s also a much healthier environment! There are less fumes to breathe in, and fresh, local food. I’ve always dreamed of having lots of land and a gorgeous house in the Country...if you have too, make it come true!


Have a Coffee and a Gazpacho

Having a cup of coffee a day helps to protect against liver cancer, and enjoying two bowls of gazpacho increases levels of Vitamin C and helps to cancel out stress chemicals which can cause reduced immunity to illness. Make it a social event, and enjoy talking to friends or family while enjoying the treat.


Eat More Chocolate

This is the kind of advice I love! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, releases antioxidants which help protect your heart and prevent heart disease. So including some in your diet is recommended! Just make sure that you brush your teeth afterwards, and don’t go overboard, as too much can lead to obesity and weight problems.


Have More Sex

Not only is sex a great form of exercise, but it also releases feel good endorphins, and a burst of human growth hormone. This means it stimulates the immune system! So not only are you having fun, but you’ll be burning calories and getting healthier too. Just remember the usual precautions...use protection!

I love these tips...not only do they all help to increase general health and make us live longer, but they only take a few minutes to do, and most of them are quite enjoyable! Do you know a tip for making us live longer, and healthier? Please share it with me!

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