7 Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure ...

We all get older as time goes by and tend to have low blood sugar, watching our cholesterol or even watching out for high blood pressure is important. There is medicine that can lower blood pressure, but that's not all that needs to be changed. Why not use a home remedy that helps control high blood pressure? I have some knowledge to provide you for controlling your high blood pressure with home remedies.

7. Cut down on Salt

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Using the right diet has always been one of the most common ways to control high blood pressure. If you like spices such as salt, you will need to learn how to cut down or find an alternative. Personally, I use salt for certain foods, but never go hog wild on it. Sodium is the number one way to increase high blood pressure. To avoid this, use alternate salts or go with recipes that have low sodium. Also, we find avoiding certain box foods can be helpful, because these are loaded with preservatives.

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