7 Cool Home Remedies You Should Know ...

My family has been using home remedies for years. Many of the ones I use have been passed down to me from my grandmother, who learned them from her grandmother. Iā€™m sure some of them are familiar to you. Below are 7 cool home remedies you should know and hopefully some of them are new to you. Feel free to pass them on to friends and family members who might also be able to benefit from them.

7. Headache

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It seems the science has finally confirmed what my family already knew; almonds are great for headaches. Scientific studies actually show that 15 almonds equal one aspirin, so eating 30 of these will help get rid of most minor headaches. I personally think these are better tasting than aspirin and my stomach likes the snack too. Almonds contain salicylates, which are the ingredient in aspirin that relieve headaches.

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