7 Ways to Deal with Cat Fleas ...


7 Ways to Deal with Cat Fleas ...
7 Ways to Deal with Cat Fleas ...

I bet you’re itching just reading the word fleas! These pesky little critters are a perennial nuisance for cat owners. They can even be harmful, especially to kittens. So what can you do about them? Fear not (and scratch not), there are solutions. Here are various methods of controlling them.

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Use a Flea Treatment

Use a Flea Treatment Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

These can be obtained from your vet (at a price), or found cheaper on eBay. Do use a quality brand though, as those found in the supermarket are often less effective. Make sure that you treat your cat regularly, or the fleas may return. Also follow instructions carefully, and apply on the back of the neck where the cat cannot reach.


Wash Bedding

It’s important to treat the environment as well as the cat. Bedding can harbor eggs, so wash regularly on a high temperature and vacuum the mattress as well. Also wash and vacuum any furnishings.



Carpets Photo Credit: jmvnoos in Paris

If you have carpeting, this provides another nice hiding place for fleas and their eggs. So be sure to vacuum regularly. Steam-cleaning is another excellent method of getting rid of eggs.



Bathtime Photo Credit: Fernando Felix

Not all cats will be cooperative when it comes to bathing – actually, probably most will have nothing to do with it – but if yours will tolerate a bath, then it will get rid of fleas remaining after combing. Use a special cat shampoo or mild baby shampoo.


Natural Products

If you don’t like the idea of using chemicals, there are herbal products available. Look out for ‘Only Natural’, which is exactly what it says it is.


Pills or Injections

This may be an option if your cat is allergic to skin treatments, but require a trip to the vet. The problem is that they work by stopping the flea from laying eggs, rather than killing the flea itself, so your cat may easily become reinfected. Best for indoor cats.


Home Remedies

Home Remedies Photo Credit: Foto Cats

Some people swear by homemade remedies, which may be worth a try before resorting to chemical treatments. Essential fatty acids in their diet may help, as may placing herbs like bay leaves, lemon peel, coriander or dill around the house. You can also try sprinkling brewer’s yeast in their food.

Hopefully you will find the answer to those tiny nuisances here! Have you found a good remedy already, especially a natural one?

Top Photo Credit: PaperTissue

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