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7 Ways to Get Rid of Dust Mites ...

By Melanie

Dust mites are horrible little creatures. I know, you can’t see them, but even if you cannot see them, that does not mean they do not exist. Those dust mites do exist and they could be existing in your bed – right where you sleep, every night. Don’t worry, because if you work on it, you can get rid of them, it is just going to take some work. In the paragraphs below, I am going to give you 7 ways to get rid of dust mites …

7 Keep Your Bed Clean

It is important that you wash your bedding – all of it. Keep the bedding clean. By doing this, you will help keep those dust mites off of your bed. I would wash/change sheets at least once a week.

6 Keep Cleaning

Clean, clean, clean. When you have dust mites, you need to clean as much as you can. Even when you do not have dust mites, clean so you can keep them away.


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5 The Temperature

Dust mites enjoy living in temperatures that are warm and humid. Install an air conditioner and lower the thermostat to below 70 F. You should also get a dehumidifier. Ideally, the humidity level should be below thirty five percent.

4 Your Mattress

Perhaps you will be purchasing a new mattress soon. When you purchase a new mattress, you can always leave the plastic covering on the mattress. Just put a mattress pad over the top of the plastic. There are also covers made specifically for this reason – to keep dust mites out.

3 Feather Pillows

If you have any feather or down pillows, then you should get rid of them, especially if you already have an outbreak of mites in your home. These pillows are hard to wash and are heaven for those dust mites. You should use pillows that have synthetic filling. As an additional tip, nylon and cotton blankets are better than those wool blankets.

2 Vacuum

You need to vacuum around your bed at least once a week. If you have wood floors, then use a damp mop to dust it. This way, nothing will fly in the air and land on your bed. If you have curtains, you may want to get rid of those and go for vinyl shade. I vacuum/clean every day – yes, I know, but I love a clean room – I can’t work in a room that is dirty.

1 Air Cleaners

Air cleaners is a good idea. You should get the one that you can use with the HEPA filters. They don’t cost all that much, are sold in the local store and I am sure you will have additional benefits. This will trap those little things, like dust mites.

Those are 7 ways to get rid of dust mites. When you have dust mites, you may not even know it, so you should still take my tips into mind. This way, you will be sure to keep them away. So, have you ever dealt with dust mites before?

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