7 Tricks to Speed up Spring Cleaning ...


7 Tricks to Speed up Spring Cleaning ...
7 Tricks to Speed up Spring Cleaning ...

The warm weather has finally arrived and the outdoor lifestyle is calling. However, before you can enjoy the great outdoors without guilt, spring cleaning needs to be addressed. Most likely we would all agree that the quicker spring cleaning is done, the better. In an effort to speed things up, here are a few helpful spring cleaning hints. Here are 7 tricks to speed up spring cleaning.

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Clean out

Clean out Photo Credit: xvm

Clean out before you start cleaning. Get rid of clutter and junk by applying the one year rule; if you haven’t used an item in a year, dump or donate. Cleaning goes faster when there are fewer items to clean.


Make a List

Make a List Photo Credit: Mrs. Thomas

Be realistic — most likely you cannot do all your spring cleaning in one day. Save time by making a list so you can track your progress and remember to get all the tasks done. Start your list well in advance of cleaning so that you have plenty of time to identify what needs done.


Gather Supplies in Advance

Gather Supplies in Advance Photo Credit: FortBraggParaglide

Nothing is more frustrating that running out of supplies in the middle of cleaning. Stock up on trash bags, cleaners and storage containers so that you don’t find yourself running to the store. Organize ahead of time and have all the supplies ready for spring cleaning.



Caddy Photo Credit: boston.com

Place all cleaning supplies in an appropriate sized caddy and keep them there. Carry the caddy with you from room to room to easily keep track of all the supplies. This one little trick saves significant time wasted running around looking for supplies left in other rooms.


Open and Change

Open and Change Photo Credit: glasseyesview

Your cleaning day should start by opening the windows to let fresh air into the home. Then, change your furnace filter so clean air is circulating. It is counterproductive to blow dirty air from dirty filters into the area you are cleaning.


Share the Joy

Share the Joy Photo Credit: sblc

Enlist help to make spring cleaning more fun and more quickly done. Assign each family member a task and before you know it, spring cleaning will be done. Most of us are not actually fond of cleaning house and when we can share the chore, it is much more tolerable. And don't forget to play your favorite cleaning tunes!


Speed Clean Your Way Outdoors

Speed Clean Your Way Outdoors Photo Credit: sean dreilinger

If you are desperate to get out and enjoy the warmer weather, opt for a speed clean version of spring cleaning. Surface clean rather than deep clean; clean only the rooms guest are likely to use. If all else fails, close the curtains so the dirt won’t be as obvious!

Spring cleaning is a ritual; it refreshes the home and renews our spirits. However, if you don’t get it done today it will be there tomorrow. Would you choose spring cleaning over spending a day in the spring sun? What tips can you share for speeding up spring cleaning?

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