8 Ways to Deal with Old Newspaper ...


8 Ways to Deal with Old Newspaper ...
8 Ways to Deal with Old Newspaper ...

Newspapers serve a variety of purposes other than providing the news. So before you decide to add them to your recycling basket, review this article and consider if any of the uses apply to you. You might find yourself sitting a gold mine as newspapers can actually help you save money. Here are 8 ways to deal with old newspaper.

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Newspapers for Craft Projects

If you have children, then you probably know already that newspapers can keep your kids busy with a variety of craft projects. From something as simple as a paper hat to more complex paper Mache projects, newspapers are the base of a variety of craft related work.


Newspapers in Your Garden

It is surprising to know that you can use newspapers as a gardening tool in a variety of ways. For indoor potted plants, place shredded newspaper at the base of the pot. This prevents excessive draining of water and keeps your plants fresh. Outdoors, use shredded newspaper on your freshly planted flowerbed to prevent weeds. It will naturally decompose on its own.


Newspapers to Clean Your Windows

You don’t need the latest cleaning products or wipes to keep your windows sparkling. All you need is some newspaper and some vinegar. Crush up the newspaper and sprinkle some vinegar over it. Then wipe the windows as you would ordinarily. The result will astonish you.


Newspapers for Pet Proofing

If you have a pet, then you know the benefits newspapers offer towards pet proofing your house. House-training your puppy usually begins with first training him to relieve himself on a newspaper. Placing old newspaper on the base of birdcage also makes cleaning much easier.


Newspapers as Gift Bags

A standard origami book will show you how to make a gift bag and when you do so out of old newspaper, it is not only cheaper but also substantially more eco-friendly. Keep a few lying around for the next gift.


Newspapers for Fireplace and Barbecue Fuel

Trying to light a fire in your fireplace or barbecue is not easy. Using newspaper which burns very quickly is a good catalyst to get your fire started and keep it going until the real fuels get hot enough.


Newspaper in the Kitchen

There are a variety of ways newspapers come in handy in the kitchen. Firstly anytime you are working with something messy like a cake or dough, a layer of newspaper over the counter keeps things easy to clean. Newspapers can also be used to clean up difficult spills like a broken egg or fallen batter.


Newspapers for Toddler Proofing

Toddlers like to color and paint and parents like to encourage them. Unfortunately, they end up making such a mess that it could end up becoming something you want to avoid at all costs. Placing a few newspapers layers beneath their work area should protect your home against any mishaps.

Newspapers come to us every day and serve us from months and years after that. With the 8 suggestions above, perhaps you now see newspapers with a different shade of respect.

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I use them to clean windows

I use them every week to clean mirrors. Trust me, it works!

my cousin told me about the cleaning windows i had no idea it works i always thought the ink would sort of smear off the paper to the window and smudge everywhere! ...guess not :)

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