10 Unique Ways to Use Vinegar around Your House ...


10 Unique Ways to Use Vinegar around Your House ...
10 Unique Ways to Use Vinegar around Your House ...

Vinegar has been known to mankind for about 10,000 years. In fact, it is counted among the oldest products used by man and it was used across several civilizations. Babylonians, Romans, and Greeks used it as a preservative while the Chinese valued it for its medicinal virtues. Off late, there has been a resurgence in the use of vinegar for hundreds of household applications on account of it being a green product. Given its ability to get you out of virtually any household funk people feel a lot more comfortable using vinegar over the commercially available toxic cleaning chemicals, especially around children and pets. You agree, right? So, let’s take a look at a few unique ways to use vinegar around your house.

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When Cooking Eggs…

When poaching eggs add a few tablespoons of vinegar and the whites of the eggs will stay formed. And when boiling eggs just dunk some vinegar in there - if the eggs happen to crack, the vinegar will keep the whites from leaking out.


Vinegar & Veggies

Sure, vinegar goes well with salads, but it has a few more advantages that you may not be aware of. For instance, did you know that wilted veggies can visibly perk up when soaked in cold water that has a dash of vinegar in it? Or, that cooking beans or veggies from the cabbage family with a little bit of vinegar will not only make them taste better but also get rid of all that embarrassing gas build up you experience after having a Mexican dinner? The miracles of vinegar never cease!


Sanitizing the Garbage Disposal

Tearing your hair apart on how to clean your garbage disposal? Mix baking soda and vinegar in equal parts and dunk it down the drain. Let this mixture sit for a short while, after which you need to use hot water to flush out the drain. And there you have it – a stink-free and sparkling clean sink. This has to be one of the more unique ways to use vinegar around your house.


Cleaning Grouting Tiles

Why use bleach on grouting tiles when you can get better results with vinegar. Soak vinegar on them and scrub the grout out with a toothbrush. Easy-peasy!


Getting Rid of Water Condensation

Don’t wood condensation spots on your beautiful coffee table drive you simply mad? Well, not anymore. Mix equal parts of vegetable oil and vinegar and rub onto the surface, working with the grain of the wood. And for the future, get yourself some coasters!


Vinegar & DVDs

Sad that your favorite DVDs are dirty and scuffed? Bring them back to life by rubbing them with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar. You may be able to preserve your all time classic movies with this unique way to use vinegar.


Tackling Child ‘Accidents’

Whether your kid has spilt mustard or ketchup on his dress or he had a small ‘accident’ the night before, leaving visible stains on the mattress, vinegar comes to your rescue once again. For the former, all you need to do is spray vinegar on the clothes before putting them into the wash. For the latter, clean the stain with a solution of water and vinegar, after which you sprinkle some baking soda on the stained portion and proceed to vacuum or brush the mattress when it’s dry. And what do you get, a mattress that looks as good as new!


Vinegar & the Laundry

Want to know about more unique ways to use vinegar around your house? Vinegar is an all-in-one fabric softening, mildew inhibiting and static reducing agent that can also brighten the colors of your clothes. Don’t worry about the acid spoiling your clothes because it won’t. Just add a cup of this wondrous compound to your washing machine’s rinse cycle and watch the magic.


Frost-free Car Windows with Vinegar

Mix three parts of vinegar to one part water and use this solution to clean your car windshield and windows. It’s one hell of an easy solution to keep them immune to frost through the freezing days of winter.


Vinegar and Cut Blooms

If you feel your cut blooms and foliage don’t last too long in the vase add a spoonful of sugar and a few tablespoons of vinegar to the water in the vase. Your flower arrangement will stay fresh and beautiful for a long, long time.

What did I tell you? Is vinegar the greatest thing on earth or what! It proves itself useful in almost every conceivable aspect of house cleaning. I am out to stock up my larder with bottles of vinegar. In the meanwhile, if you have any unique ways to use vinegar around your house, feel free to leave your feedback here. A smart lady like you is bound to have a few secrets up your sleeve. I am right, aren’t I?

Top Photo Credit: Ross N.

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