7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Incredible ...


7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Incredible ...
7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Incredible ...

At my house, we are having guests for the holidays, for quite a long stretch. At my house, we also have lots of pets. Lots of them. I mean, we're not quite animal hoarders yet, but I think we could classify for the junior division. So anyway, I want the house to smell nice. I'd want it to smell great anyway, but now it's especially important, so I went on the hunt – and here are the results: 7 ways to make your home smell incredible!

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Nothing beats candles. They are classic. There are so many holiday themed candles available right now, you really can't go wrong. What I like to do is buy several different candles, but make sure their scents complement one another. So I might have apple pie candles in the living room, cinnamon scented candles in the kitchen, and vanilla scented ones in the bathroom or bedrooms. Then I start to get hungry, but at least the house smells nice.



Incense is great, but tricky. The incense sticks can be such a ginormous mess: even when you have a holder, those ashes end up everywhere, you know? I recommend the conical incense sticks myself, because they can go just about anywhere, make far less mess, and are still quite pungent. You can tuck them away anywhere and they'll make your home smell divine.


Scented Oils

Oil burners, oil “candles,” and things like that are becoming a popular alternative to traditional candles. I like these quite a bit, but I don't know, maybe I'm buying the wrong brands, but they never seem to smell a lot. I don't want something overpowering, but I have noticed some of these giving off really weak scents.



Naturally, you can always go the scented spray route. Actually, I do recommend this for furniture, curtains, beds, and so on. It can give them an added dash of sweetness and Febreeze, especially, really does last for a nice long time.


Baking Cinnamon

This is a tricky little trick. I learned it from a real estate agent! If you throw some cinnamon sticks in your oven on a very low setting, your house will smell delicious. And hey, if you are trying to sell it, you'll be in with a chance!


Citrus Decorations

This option is comely and sweet smelling. Decorating with lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, and so on, will fill your rooms with a sharp, fresh, wonderful citrus scent. All you have to do is arrange them in vases, baskets, or really anything you like. The scent is wonderfully stringent and as a decoration, using citrus fruit is quite innovative and gorgeous as well.



Last but not least, we have plug-ins! There have been so many innovations with plug-ins, they really are way, way more long lasting than they used to be, and they smell divine. Of course, you have to remember to change them, because when they start drying up, they look pretty ugly.

There are tons of other things you can use to make your home smell great, of course. You can use potpourri or, if you'd rather not burn candles, you can simply set one on your heater. Do you have any tips like that?

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i love candles too, but i've found you smell it more if you put it on a candle burner (where it heats the candle from the bottom up) than if you light the wick. try it! i tried it originally because i didn't want a lit candle around my new kitten and realized how much better it was! :)

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