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9 Steps to Organize Your Bag ...

By Denise

Some call it a handbag, some call it a purse. Whatever you choose to call it, the bag is one of women’s best friends. It serves so many purposes – locker, safety blanket, carrier, accessory – that it is no wonder that many women show love for their bags. As much as we love the look, feel, and emptiness of brand new bags, they do not stay that way forever. Bags, no matter how big or small, are not exempt from clutter and disorder. I’ve experienced having a messy bag and I have to admit how inefficient and frustrating it can be to search for a ringing phone, keys, and other things I might need. If you share this sentiment, then don’t despair. You can achieve a cleaner and more organized bag in nine easy steps.

1 Dump the Contents

In order to see everything you have in your bag, you need to dump all the contents on a flat surface. At the sight of the clutter, you will possibly feel mortified, horrified, amused, or a mix of those three emotions. But don’t worry. The clutter will soon be eliminated.

2 Throw out the Garbage

Your bag is not a waste receptacle so you want to throw out all the garbage you have. Find all tissue papers, candy and gum wrappers, unusable paper, and other trash. You should also throw out all receipts that you don’t plan on filing or have no other purpose other than being rubbish.


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3 Purge the Unnecessary

Check all the things that came from your bag and determine what you will use on a daily basis. Set these things aside for sorting and organizing. Leave the unnecessary things out of your bag. Find a space for them at home or at your office. You don’t want these things crowding and weighing down your bag.

4 Clean and Repair the Bag

Make sure that the bag you have is in good working condition. Clean the inside and outside of the bag. Repair any torn seams, broken clasps, or zippers. If your bag is beyond cleaning and repair, then consider investing in a new bag.

5 Make Use of Pockets

I am a fan of bags with many pockets. They are perfect for storing items that you often use and reach for. These items could be your mobile phone, keys, gum, alcohol or hand sanitizer, lip balm, pens, and comb or brush.

6 Group Similar Things

If your bag doesn’t have many pockets, then you can always use small bags or cases for keeping similar things together. Keep loose paper, shopping lists, unpaid bills, and unfiled receipts in their own case. Your make up can be kept in a cosmetic kit or bag. If you carry any toiletries like lotion, toothpaste, travel toothbrush, tissue, and wet wipes, then also put them in their own case. To keep your loose change from jingling and jangling in your bag, keep them in a coin purse. Continue sorting through your things until you have grouped and organized all of them.

7 Consider a Bag Organizer

If you are always changing bags, then you should consider buying a bag organizer. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and have different number of pockets. These organizers can easily be fitted in your bag’s interior and can easily be taken out when you change bags.

8 Be Selective

I’m sure that you always want to be prepared so you put everything in your bag – umbrella, sunglasses, camera, planner, and many other things. This might seem like a good idea but your bag can become very heavy. Instead, you should be conscious in selecting the things you decide to bring. Your bag’s contents can vary depending on your activities, the season, the weather, and the size of your bag.

9 Reorganize and Repack Regularly

Reorganize and repack weekly or monthly, depending on the time you have. Each day, upon getting home, throw out any trash and receipts that could have ended up inside your bag. You should make a habit of checking and updating the contents of your bag in order to maintain cleanliness and organization, as well as to make sure you have everything you need.

Your bag is like your home on the road. How you keep it clean and organized is similar to how you keep your home clutter-free. Throw out trash and anything you are not using. Everything should have its place and only the essential should remain. Unlike decluttering your home, cleaning out your bag is simple and can be finished in less than an hour. Don’t let a messy bag ruin the flow of your day. Go and get started with your bag organization.

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