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7 Items I Never Want to Run out of ...

By Alison

It’s almost inevitable that every reader will have experienced that heart-stopping moment when you realise that you have run out of something that is (to you) vitally important. But it’s late, the shops are shut, tomorrow is a bank holiday and nothing will be open. There are some items that I never want to run out of – some are essentials, others not quite so vital but things I don’t want to have to do without …

1 Books

The thought of running out of reading material fills me with horror! Since I live in Spain, I can’t just pop to the library and pick up some novels (I read Spanish, but prefer novels in English). Fortunately, someone leaving town was kind enough to donate about 100 books to me, which at the rate I read should keep me going, ooh, about a week.

2 Chocolate

Girls, you must be with me on this one. Do you keep a secret stash of chocolate to avoid the awful realisation that you need chocolate right now but there are no shops open? Run out of chocolate – perish the thought.

3 Toilet Paper

Now, this really counts as an essential. There’s really no room for doubt on this matter! I certainly don’t want to have to improvise with newspaper (especially as I don’t usually have any newspaper in the house). I would probably fill the spare room with toilet rolls, except I don’t have a spare room.

4 Water

Although the tap water in Barcelona is perfectly safe to drink, the taste is famously horrible. So, although it’s not environmentally friendly, I prefer to buy bottled water. I don’t want to be forced to drink the yukky-tasting tap water!

5 Money

This is something that we all dread running out of! Life without money is a bit tricky, to say the least. So the more we have, the better. It’s always worth making sure that you have some money put by for emergencies. Unfortunately, however hard you try, times are so difficult now that it’s not always possible to save much money – incomes are dropping while outgoings keep going up …

6 Lipstick

If I could only have one item of makeup, it would have to be lipstick. I love my lippy! Sadly, my favourite shade doesn’t seem to be available any more, and I am dreading the day when the last speck is used up! I shall have to go on a hunt for the closest match that I can possibly find …

7 Clean Socks

Ew. I hate running out of clean socks. Yes, it should be a simple matter of doing the laundry frequently enough, but however often you wash your clothes, the result still seems to be that the socks run out faster than they should. Where do they disappear to?

Well, these are the things that I would hate to run out of. What about you – which items could you not live without, even until the shops next open?

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