7 Items to Help You Prepare for Summer ...

While the shift from spring to summer is something I always look forward to, it can also be quite a difficult time to negotiate. After a long winter of keeping every inch of skin covered up, unwrapping layers of knitwear and stripping off the opaque tights isn’t always easy. For the first few days, I know I invariably feel a little self-conscious and find myself compulsively putting on cardigans and jackets, even though the weather is blazing hot. I’ve had a think about this problem, and, in case you find yourself in the same, uncomfortable boat as me, I’ve put together a list of 8 items to help you prepare for summer

1. The Correct Skincare Products

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In summer your skin’s requirements change. In winter you were dealing with artificial heating and, most commonly, dryness due to the cold weather. In summer, you may find your face becomes slightly oilier, while the skin on your legs and arms (especially if these are often in the sun) tends to dry out. Make sure you organise your skincare routine accordingly; get a light cleansing and moisturising system for your face, and a hydrating body butter for the rest.

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