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8 Useful Spares to Have

By Alison

Isn’t it annoying when you break or lose something, and it’s something really essential? You can absolutely guarantee that if you break anything you can’t do without, it will be just after the shops close for a few days. So it’s always wise to have a spare. Even if it’s not that vital, it’s always useful to keep extras of certain items. Here are some ideas.

1 Batteries

Every parent will know that sinking feeling as, late on Christmas Eve, they realise that they have forgotten to buy batteries for the children’s new toys. So many items around the house have batteries in – some you can do without until you can buy more, others are more important. So always keep some spare batteries.

2 Phone

Lots of us have a cordless phone for our landline these days. But what happens if there’s a power cut? You can’t use the phone, because the base doesn’t work. So keep your old non-cordless phone, or buy a cheap one, just in case.

3 Keys

Spare keys are useful if you have visitors, so that they can come and go as they please. However, it’s even more important to have a spare set in case you manage to drop yours down a drain, in the garbage, or lose them. Leave them with a trusted friend or relative, and pray that the time you need them is not the time that your friend loses theirs.

4 Man

Once you’re in a settled relationship this doesn’t apply, but if you’re not then what’s wrong with having a spare man in the wings? If you start to date someone and it doesn’t work out, then you can quickly move on.

5 Transport

As with anything, you can guarantee that your car will break down when you most need it. So if you depend on your car for mobility, it’s wise to have an insurance policy that provides you with a courtesy car. If not … have a bike for emergencies!

6 Room

If you can afford it, then buying a house with a spare room (or two) is always useful. It can pay for itself by housing lodgers, or you can use it to run a small business. Plus it allows for expanding your family, or as a guest room when friends or family visit.

7 Cash

I’m not thinking so much of keeping spare cash around the house (a small amount is useful for emergencies, but keeping large amounts is not secure). Instead, I’m referring to having an account with enough money in it to tide you over if you lose your job, or to pay a large bill if the car needs major repairs or the heating needs replacing.

8 Glasses

As someon who has to wear glasses all the time, it is absolutely essential to have a spare pair. Always keep some in the car if you drive, just in case. I always pack my spares when I travel as well, as I can’t manage without them, and wouldn’t be able to see a thing if I broke my main pair!

What items do you always keep a spare of – are you paranoid enough to keep extras of everything?

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