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5 Things That Got You Covered ...

By Meream

1 for Covering Your Garden Ground

Want to make your spring garden look the best that it can be? Then what you need is a gorgeous ground cover! Here are five that you can choose from.

2 for Covering Your Body

College Candy gave us a great list of 8 jackets that are perfect for spring. They are oh-so pocket friendly. I am pretty sure I am in love with the red piece.

3 for Covering Your Feet

You just have to check out the polka-dotted lovelies that Tammy found for us. Since I can't walk in heels, I shall pray that these have a flat version.

4 for Covering Your Body 2

This time, we have varsity jackets to choose from. I will have to go with the vintage-looking Jane Norman satin jacket here. I love that it has a cropped style.

5 for Covering Your Feet 2

The pretty shoes listed here are for those who are about to walk down the aisle. They are all so gorgeous!

If you found something online today that is related to these "covers," tell us about it!

Top Photo Credit: Martin_Heigan

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