7 Things You Should Keep in Your Beach Bag ...


7 Things You Should Keep in Your Beach Bag ...
7 Things You Should Keep in Your Beach Bag ...

Summer is on its way in the northern hemisphere! It’s nearly time to break out the bikinis and brave the beach. A day in the sun can be ruined if you don’t have the right kit with you though, ladies. To make sure you don’t leave any essentials at home, I’ve put together a list of 7 things you should keep in your beach bag.

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What a no-brainer! Sunblock is absolutely the most important thing you should bring to the beach – after your bikini perhaps. There’s nothing worse than that violently red glow and no one wants sore stinging skin for a week. Bring a high factor for your face and a slightly lower one for the rest of your body, and make sure both are waterproof so you won’t need to reapply after every singly splash.



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Spending the day sweating it out under the glaring sun will leave you dehydrated. To replace the fluids you’ve lost throughout the day, it’s important that you drink water regularly so make sure the bottle you pack is pretty big and will last over a number of hours. Invariably, beach snacks and drinks are expensive so bringing your own water is a money saver too!


A Spacious Beach Towel

A Spacious Beach Towel Image source: data.whicdn.com

Stretching out in the sand rather than on it just doesn’t sound quite as comfortable, ladies.

Bring a large, bright beach towel in your bag. Keep your eyes open for very thin variations – these can be rolled up easily and aren’t so bulky to carry as the ordinary, fluffy version.



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Shades are a real beach necessity: staring into the sun for a whole afternoon is bound to leave you with a headache Sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and they’re also great for hiding behind if you happen to drop off on the sand.


Mobile Phone

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Some beaches get pretty busy in the summer, and if you’re meeting friends on the sand, it might difficult to find them without a phone call. When you’re buying your beach bag for the season, make sure you go for a style with an inside pouch for your mobile – this will help to protect it from salt water and sandiness and will also make it easy to locate.



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If you’re planning to be out for the whole day, you probably want to keep a few light snacks in your beach bag. Go for something refreshing – fruit salad is a real winner if you happen to have a container that will keep it cool and crisp. Avoid oily foods, like chips, as these don’t do well in the heat, and stay away from heavier meals that will make you bloat in your bikini!


Lip Balm

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Dry, chapped and sunburned lips can really spoil your experience of an otherwise perfect day. Bring an effective lip balm along in you beach bag: go for something with a UV protector as a simple oil-based product will exaggerate the sunburn.

So there we have it ladies: my list of 7 things you should keep in your beach bag. Have I left anything out? Let me know.

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I always put my phone in a little sandwich bag that way I can use it without taking it out and its cheap.

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