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7 Items I'd Be Lost without ...

By Rebecca

Every girl has her own, unique ‘survival kit:’ a collection of things she can’t leave the house without. Mostly, these are pretty standard: keys, wallet, hand sanitizer etc. But every now and then, you hear of something a little more bizarre. For example, I recently discovered one of my close friends doesn’t feel right unless she has at least three pieces of fruit and a shower cap with her. Yeah … she’s a little, um, quirky. This got me thinking about the stuff I carry around with me, and after some consideration I came up with a list. Here it is: 7 items I’d be lost without.

1 A Notebook and Pen

A Notebook and PenPhoto Credit: kreep

I’ve always been a big note-taker. I sort of compulsively write things down: ordinary information like shopping lists, reminders, and dates, and also slightly more erudite school-related stuff as well. Basically, I need my (beautiful) notebook with me at all times. It’s my security blanket.

2 Lip Balm

Lip BalmPhoto Credit: Ultimate Essentials

I hate having dry lips; I’m sure everyone does. To make sure I never find myself caught out, I tend to hide lip balms in various pockets and cubby holes. There’s always one in my car, for example, and in my jacket, and my handbag …

3 My Phone

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I’m sure this one is fairly universal. I need my phone on my person all the time, not necessarily to receive calls, but so I can check my email about a millions times a day. Those of you whose work involves the net will completely understand: without access to your inbox, your entire life can go from organised to chaotic in a matter of hours.

4 Reading Material

Reading MaterialPhoto Credit: HYUEN

If you’re a student, you’ll know about university timetables: you might have one class at eight in the morning and the next at a quarter to one. Sitting around and waiting with nothing to do is literally my idea of hell so I try to make sure I’ve always got something to read on hand. This makes long gaps in the day’s schedule a little more bearable and ensures I don’t spend hours being completely unproductive.

5 A Daytime Eyeliner

A Daytime EyelinerPhoto Credit:

Everyone has their own make-up staple that they can’t be without; yours might be lipstick or mascara. Mine, without a doubt, is a red-brown eyeliner. Along with my lip balm (which I suspect doesn’t really count), this is the only make up I carry with me, and if I leave it at home – which is a pretty regular occurrence – I feel a little bit throughout the day.

6 Various Hair Taming Devices

Various Hair Taming DevicesPhoto Credit: sparklecandace

I have high maintenance hair. It’s really annoying; the slightest hint of humidity and the whole lot just turns into a ridiculous puffy frizz. Many a drizzly day has seen me caught without essential hair equipment, and I’ve literally used everything from shoe laces to the elastic band I found in the bottom of my satchel in an attempt restrain my less-than-sleek tresses. Now, however, I am usually prepared: there’s a packet of hair bands and clips with me at all times.

7 Sun Block

Sun BlockPhoto Credit: emmasimmsdaly

If you’re fair skinned like me and you live somewhere really hot, you’ll understand the necessity of sun block. I know dermatologists and beauticians are always telling us to wear it every day, but if you live in a cold place, and once in a while you forget to apply, it’s hardly a big deal. For me: not so much. If I don’t carry SPF with me in the summer, and touch up my face throughout the day, I’m guaranteed to get burnt walking to my car or crossing the street. I’ve learned this the hard way and now (because sunstroke red is really not my colour) I carry a stick of sun cream with me all the time.

So there we have it: 7 items I’d be lost without. My ‘survival kit’ helps to keep me feeling organised and in control. Everyone has their own unique arsenal of important bits and pieces; what you carry is very much a function your individual, everyday life. What sort of things do you depend on to keep you prepared and feeling sane? What items couldn’t you get through the day without?

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