7 Items I'd Be Lost without ...

Every girl has her own, unique ‘survival kit:’ a collection of things she can’t leave the house without. Mostly, these are pretty standard: keys, wallet, hand sanitizer etc. But every now and then, you hear of something a little more bizarre. For example, I recently discovered one of my close friends doesn’t feel right unless she has at least three pieces of fruit and a shower cap with her. Yeah … she’s a little, um, quirky. This got me thinking about the stuff I carry around with me, and after some consideration I came up with a list. Here it is: 7 items I’d be lost without.

1. A Notebook and Pen

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I’ve always been a big note-taker. I sort of compulsively write things down: ordinary information like shopping lists, reminders, and dates, and also slightly more erudite school-related stuff as well. Basically, I need my (beautiful) notebook with me at all times. It’s my security blanket.

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