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10 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol ...

By Talynn

So, let me guess, your bottle of rubbing alcohol is in the medicine cabinet, stored with all the other medications for cuts and scrapes and muscle aches. It's in a boring, plain bottle, and isn't much to see. But did you know that its uses are far vaster than just those dealing with medical cleansing? Yes! Read on for 10 of the many uses alcohol has!

1 It Cleans Mirrors!

It Cleans Mirrors!Photo Credit: š†µ× ª.]<.ª Cyß3Rr

Have you ever had one of those mirrors with those awful, stubborn streaks that you can't seem to get off? Try a bit of alcohol on a soft cloth! You can also carry this cleaning on to your bathroom faucets and sink! There, you're sanitized and shiny!

2 Electronic Cleaner

Electronic CleanerPhoto Credit: Jonathan Gayman | Photographer

Forget the over-priced air you can buy, or the expensive electronics cleaners - buy alcohol. It isn't harmful to your electronics because it evaporates so quickly. You can use it to clean your cell phone (inside and out) your keyboard, MP3's and IPods, whatever! And it's super cheap!

3 It's a Natural at Degreasing!

It's a Natural at Degreasing!Photo Credit: ericsantosdmd

Soak a cloth in alcohol and wipe down your stove, teapot, vent and anything else that's greasy in the kitchen. You can also use alcohol to shine up your Chrome appliances to keep them looking their best!

4 Makes for a Great Ice Pack

Makes for a Great Ice PackPhoto Credit: Chibi Muse

When the kitty has your ice pack, and you've bumped your head, try this! Mix 1 part alcohol with 2 parts water. The alcohol prevents the water from freezing all the way, so it's more comfortable!

5 It's Deodorant in a Pinch

It's Deodorant in a PinchPhoto Credit: Rachel Vintayen

By adding 15 drops of essential oils or perfume to a small spray bottle of alcohol, you create deodorant. Just don't decide to run out of deodorant on the day you shave...because this could be a bit painful!

6 It's Just What a Mosquito Bite or Cold Sores Needs!

It's Just What a Mosquito Bite or Cold Sores Needs!Photo Credit: putctycutie

By putting a bit on a cotton ball and applying to your itchy bites and sores, it dries them out and prevents itching!

7 It Cleans Candles!

It Cleans Candles!Photo Credit: purelilydesigns

As I'm sure you're aware, candles that have sat a while in decorations tend to collect dust, and after some time, it gets a little sticky feeling. No amount of rinsing with water will get it all out. But, wetting a cloth in alcohol and wiping them down will have your candles looking good as new in no time!

8 It's a Defroster!

It's a Defroster!Photo Credit: Webbelina

Mix one quart of water with a cup of alcohol, and wipe down your windows with it. This keeps them from frosting up! You should especially try this on your car windows this winter! At the very least, keep a bottle of it in your truck, because it will instantly take away frost when poured onto your windshield in a rush.

9 It Prevents Ring around the Collar

It Prevents Ring around the CollarPhoto Credit: Faith Unlimited

To keep your neck from staining that good white shirt, put a bit of rubbing alcohol around your neck. Just take care not to do this too much in a week, as it will dry your skin out.

10 It Reminds Us That Permanent Markers Are Not so Permanent!

It Reminds Us That Permanent Markers Are Not so Permanent!Photo Credit: Veronica Foale

And that's a good thing, isn't it? LOL! You can remove permanent marker from almost any surface using rubbing alcohol. This is a tried and true one for me!

As you can see, alcohol has many uses, and it's super cheap compared to some of the other things we use. So, why not give it a try? Do you have any tips on other things alcohol is good for?

Top Photo Credit: dunksrnice

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