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7 Ways to Make Your House a Home ...

By Talynn

Take a look around your neighbor and you will probably see lots of houses. Houses are everywhere, aren’t they? Did you know there is a difference between a house and a home? A house is simply four walls and a roof. But a home is a place full of love, warmth, and “hominess.” How do you turn your house into a home? Below are some of my favorite suggestions.

1 Surround Yourself with Favorite Items

Surround Yourself with Favorite ItemsPhoto Credit: nbklx17 (Sandy)

Whether it’s art, knick-knacks, photos, or collectables, give them a place of honor. Don’t forget, there are other people in your home who may not like the same things you like. Let them display their favorites along with yours. Or even better, give them their own place of honor- a special wall, corner, or room.

2 Hang up Pictures of the past

Hang up Pictures of the pastPhoto Credit: alt text

Give tribute to your heritage and display any photos of your family from the past. This is a wonderful way of saying how thankful you are for the family who made you who you are. Your children will grow up with the same happy feelings, especially if you talk about those you love.

3 Fill the House with Your Favorite Fragrance

Fill the House with Your Favorite FragrancePhoto Credit: Ronit golan

Favorite smells and aromas have a way of stirring up memories, don’t they? Burn sweet smelling candles, or use electric candles. You can use oil diffusers and room fresheners. Set out potpourri. Make you house smell good!

4 Go for Warm and Homey Wall Colors

Go for Warm and Homey Wall ColorsPhoto Credit: Glenn H. Kelman

Make your home inviting with happy, friendly colors. This encourages your family to want to BE at home rather than out with their friends. If they “think” their home is ugly, they will not hang around the family room because they can’t stand to be in there. Keep, warm, fresh colors on the wall. It makes a difference. Really. It does.

5 Make Your Sitting Area Inviting with Pillows and Throws

Make Your Sitting Area Inviting with Pillows and ThrowsPhoto Credit: ouno design

Another great way to encourage you family to hang around is by adding throw pillows and blankets to your décor. Snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie together. Or read books together. Or play cards. Whatever you like to do as a family!

6 Set out a Candy Dish with Your Favorite Chocolates

Set out a Candy Dish with Your Favorite ChocolatesPhoto Credit: 1Sock

I have very fond memories of my childhood. My mother always had little bowls and platters of candy sitting around. So did my grandma. Even now, when I take the kids to visit grandma, we always find candy dishes, cookie platters, and little cakes to sample and enjoy. What fun memories!

7 Using Sheer Curtains Fills Your Home with Light

Using Sheer Curtains Fills Your Home with LightPhoto Credit: house dreams

A dark room can be depressing and cold feeling, unless of course, the room needs to be a darker color. If you are able, flood the room with lights, natural light if possible. If the room does not have any windows, use light, bright paint and accessorize with cheery colors.

Turn your house into a home and you will always feel right at “home!” How do make you home cozy and fun? Do you decorate any special way? Or maybe you cook special foods? Share your ideas, please!

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