8 Most Important Features I Look for in a Flat ...


8 Most Important Features I Look for in a Flat ...
8 Most Important Features I Look for in a Flat ...

I’ve moved flats quite a few times, and have now settled in a small but comfortable flat that ticks just about all the boxes for me (except that I don’t own it!). One advantage of having lived in various places is that I was able to work out what mattered most to me. It’s hard to find the perfect place, but since it will be your home it’s important to know what you really need to be comfortable. Here are the features I look for.

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Many flats in Barcelona are in old, cramped buildings with very little natural light. I’ve lived in this type of place and found it just too depressing. Natural light is important for your well-being, and as I spend a lot of time working on the computer it’s also kinder on my eyes.



Although I’m near a main road, my flat is at the back of the building and therefore shielded from traffic noise. I’ve become used to a certain amount of noise when it’s summer and I have the windows open, but I couldn’t live in a district where there was a lot of nightlife or noise going on.



I like living fairly centrally, so that I am within easy walking distance of a lot of amenities. Anonymous suburbs aren’t right for me, as I’m a city person. I like to be somewhere that has a lot of character, and doesn’t involve a long trip home after a night out.


Outside Space

It isn’t that easy to find in a city, but I like to have at least a small private outdoor space. Even a balcony is pleasant, offering an opportunity to sit outside and not feel enclosed. However, I’m lucky enough to have a terrace – and my cats love it as well!



After living on the fourth floor of an old building with no lift, I swore never again would I live anywhere without a lift. I don’t mind walking, but carrying heavy shopping or furniture up several flights of stairs is not fun at all!



My flat is near just about everything I need, which is quite important to me. Shops, cinemas and everything else I might need are within walking distance or a short bus ride. Plus if I fancy going further afield, there are great transport links close by.



I wouldn’t even consider living anywhere that didn’t accept animals. It wasn’t easy to find a flat that did, but my pets are part of my family. So a pet-friendly home is a must!



Obviously you can’t get everything you want for the price that you want, but everyone has a budget. When I was looking, some of the flats I saw were ridiculously overpriced. A flat has to be affordable, but even if I had a higher income I would still try to get the best value for my money.

What about you – what are your priorities in a home, and what would you be prepared to compromise on?

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Include the people who you are living around with. Are they well-educated and nature loving, like do they care of clean surroundings? Who's ever really interested to live in a garbage clutter and uneducated people, right?

Insulation!!! You might never have had the problem, otherwise it would probably be top of the list. lol Here in England most of the old houses have 0 insulation. Worst I ever had to live in was a tiny room that wouldn't go above 13°c even with the heating ON in winter. Imagine my mornings, after my housemates turned off the heating cause they were 'too warm'. I kept my window closed, but there'd still be a steady breeze going through my room. It's definitely been on the top of my list ever since. Single glazed windows? Erm... NO! ;)

Crime quotient of the area.

tell me about it! i would love to have a lift at my college flat, it's hell carrying up each sunday my food, my big suitcase, my laptop and another stuff until the 4° floor. but i love going to the roof and watching the city lights around my building

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