7 Cool Gadgets I like ...


7 Cool Gadgets I like ...
7 Cool Gadgets I like ...

Here is a list of 7 cool gadgets I like. I’ve come across so many more and it was very difficult to whittle my list down to only 7. However, here they are and I hope you enjoy reading about them too! Please let me know what you think about these and if you’ve come across any cool ones that you’d like to share as well.

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3D Television

Image source: nexgadget.com

If 3D movies aren’t enough to satisfy your thirst for the world of 3D graphics, then why not buy a 3D television from Sony? With special 3D glasses in place, getting the full 3D effect is possible with this television. These TVs haven’t completely flooded the market yet. Supposedly the cost for these machines will go down as more are produced. I can’t wait until I can afford one!


Wind-up Flashlight and Radio

Wind-up Flashlight and Radio Image source: ecx.images-amazon.com

I’ve seen many emergency products that are either a radio or a flashlight powered by a crank, but not always both. Kaito makes a bright yellow 5 LED flashlight and radio combo that is perfect for emergencies. It runs for 10 minutes after being cranked for a full minute. There aren’t any batteries to replace and the LED bulbs are extremely bright. Being yellow, I think I’d be able to find this little gadget much easier.


Comfort Garden Kneeler

Comfort Garden Kneeler Image source: ecx.images-amazon.com

There are many styles of these garden kneeler devices, but the one by Vertex looks the most promising to me. You’ll have to simply check out the images of this amazing device. You can sit on it or sit and kneel at the same time. This might sound like an odd way to do some gardening, but it really makes weeding a more comfortable task.


IRobot Scooba 230

IRobot Scooba 230 Image source: robotvacuumcleaner.org

I was thrilled when iRobot presented the Roomba that would vacuum my floor without much assistance from me. Now, they not only have robotic vacuum cleaners, but also one that washes floors too. How cool is that! I can get this little robot to suck up the dirt and scrub the floors clean at the same time. This little gadget makes me want to rip up the carpet in my bedroom so that I could purchase a Scooba to clean the entire house.


Wunda Weeder

Wunda Weeder Image source: dvice.com

Pulling weeds is one of my least favorite parts of gardening. Someone finally decided that he would fight the weeds in comfort. The Wunda Weeder is a solar powered machine that allows the gardener to lie down on his stomach and pull weeds as the machine slowly makes its way across the garden. This is a great invention for large gardens. Unfortunately my garden is in a hilly area, so I wouldn’t be able to use one of these. Sad face.


USB-powered Monitor

USB-powered Monitor Image source: techgadgets.in

Greenhouse now offers computer monitors that run off of only 5 watts of power. Simply plug the 15.6 inch monitor into a USB port and voila! Obtaining another screen for dual monitor purposes has never been easier. The monitor only weighs 3 pounds too, so it’s rather lightweight. The average retail price for this USB-powered computer screen is just a little over 200 dollars.


Star Wars Toaster

Image source: blog.ivman.com

What’s cooler than a glossy black toaster with the words Star Wars written on the side? I’ll tell you what, a toaster that burns Darth Vader’s face into your bread as it toasts! This is a must-have for all the Star Wars nuts you know. It’s a bit pricey for a toaster, but such fun!

Which of these gadgets interest you most of all? I had a hard time trying to decide which one would be number one on my list!

Top Photo Credit: hellogeri

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