Stunning Celestial 3D Photos from Ignacio Torres ...


Stunning Celestial 3D Photos from Ignacio Torres ...
Stunning Celestial 3D Photos from Ignacio Torres ...

Ignacio Torres is an incredibly gifted photographer and artist who just came across my radar recently. When I first saw his photographs, I was instantly rendered speechless, and I think you'll be able to understand why as soon as you see the pictures I'm going to share with you. I just want to share a little background information on this amazing artist first, and then talk a bit about the photographic series I'm highlighting here. So, you've got a few minutes to prepare yourself to have your breath stolen.
Ignacio Torres is from Texas. He grew up in El Paso and attended the University of North Texas, where he got a BFA in photography. The moment you start looking at his work, you can actually see the dedication that must have gone into completing such a detailed and involved field of study. In fact, I don't think I'm exaggerating by saying that you can see the immense passion he has for his art in every pixel he creates.

Currently, Ignacio is focusing on several different projects. He is exploring concepts like identity, youth, and even different scientific theories. He's doing this through photography, of course, but he's also taking photography to another level -- as you can see.
One of Torres' projects is the Stellar series, which includes the photographs here. This series can also be seen on The Ones 2 Watch, and it incorporates one of the awesome techniques the photographer has been working on: turning his pictures into animated gifs, and thus making them look three-dimensional.

There is honestly nothing I don't love about all the pictures in this series. The first one you see here is surreal, and the model is like a goddess among the stars. The second, featuring the girl in the sand, is just amazing. You can really see the 3D effect in this photo; watch it long enough, and you may start feeling the earth move under your own feet. I love the shooting star in this picture as well -- did you catch it?
The effects in this photograph are amazing. I think it highlights the 3D theme best of all. The movements of the sky, the ground, and the actor add to the idea that you're seeing a straight up, three-dimensional photograph. The way the photographer uses shadows so well adds to that idea -- and the sprinkling of stardust there is just an amazing, magical touch. Don't you wish you could actually have a print of this picture, so you could hang it up in your house.

Last but not least, I have to share one more picture from this amazing -- and definitely stellar -- series:
I just love the colors in this picture: the darkness and shadows on the ground, the subtle, still vibrant sunset in the sky being slowly undertaken by nightfall, and of course the spangle of stars engulfing the model. It's all so mystical, and the fact that it's almost like the desert grasses are waving in the breeze just makes it even more so.

Can you imagine how many subtle movements and variations these models must have made to make these pictures work? And the patience and dedication it must have taken Torres, to position them, make sure everything matched up perfectly -- not to mention how involved it had to be once he was ready to put them all together and animate them.

I hope you all enjoyed this foray into the world of 3D photographs. I've certainly enjoyed sharing my find with you! To see the full series and to browse more of the photographer's work, it's definitely worth it to check out Ignacio Torres' own page. What do you think of these pictures? If you have any other favorites, please share!

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This is amazing... thanks for sharing the pics with us!

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