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We all make New Years Resolutions, don’t we? And we all try and keep those resolutions, right? Hmm… I am hearing a few coughs and sputters right about now! Cheer up! This article is not about resolutions! Nope, it is all about some good will outlooks for the start of a brand-new year. It is al about looking out your window at a brand-new day! What is a goodwill outlook, you ask? Keep reading to find out…

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Your Family

Make time for your family this year. Put some extra attention on the importance of closeness, togetherness, and laughter. Time goes by way to fast to hold on to grudges. Exit your own world long enough to center on your family. Enjoy them!


Don’t Trust Everyone

If this is the time to for new beginnings, it is time you learn not to trust everyone you meet whether it is on the Internet, or in person. Don’t be caught on the short end of the stick. Remember, not everyone plays fair.


Keep Moving

Make this year a time to think about yourself for a change. This is not intended to be a pun after my first point, but there a few out there who forget they have needs as much as their kids, husband, family, and friends. Say “no” every now and then, treat your self to that special outfit, and sleep in every so often. Go ahead. You deserve it!


Be Your Best

Do your best, and then do more. Now is the time for you to shine, so play to win. Give it all you got and don’t let anyone put you down. Hey! You are a great person and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, we all make mistakes and mess things up sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you are worthless! Now is the time for you to expand your horizons!


What’s behind Door #3?

Why wait for opportunity to knock on your door when you hold the keys to endless possibilities? What can you do, right now, that will launch a whole new life, career, or wonderful success? Don’t wait! Seize the moment now!


Remember Your Spouse

This month, make the most of your marriage. You need to spend an evening or two, alone- no phones, no kids, no computers. You may just rekindle that flame that once burned so brightly, and passionately. Make you marriage number one this year and see where it leads you.


What about Kindness?

Thoughtfulness and kindness goes a long way and will give birth to more kindness. What goes around comes around, so this is the time for a cup of kindness. Pout a few glasses and watch your world change from night to day.


Your Work Space or Place

Although not everyone works outside the home, we all work! If you are a stay at home mom, you work more than anyone. And if you are a mom who works a job and keeps house, you are just as busy. This is the year your job is going to take off! No matter where you work, put your heart into and watch, as things only get better.


Perk up Your Healthy Habits

How can you be the best when your body is running on junk food and coffee? January will be the month of energy, so why not make the most of it and get back on that schedule for exercise? No, do not go overboard, but just pace yourself and pamper your body. Pretty soon, you just might need to go shopping for smaller clothes!


Get Creative

Ruts are hard to break out of, but now is the time to move out! Get creative with your work, your home, your kids, and your husband. There is no telling what you can come up with, change, improve, when you think creatively and enthusiastically! Come up a new goal, a new plan, a new way of doing something that simply did not work before. You can do it!


Take a Break

I know, some of my points are contradicting, but all these play hand and glove together. While it is important to do all you can do, it is imperative for you to rest and relax. If you burn your self out, you have no energy to keep going. So take a few moments for so “me” time. Relax in a bubble bath, have a pedicure, or go out to lunch, just you, alone, with a good book. Take time for your self. Now, are ready to get back to work?


Organize Your Home

Why not start the New Year with the attitude of making your house that model home? No, I do not mean you home should be a magazine display every day, but maybe it is time to get your closet organized, you kids toys back to a reasonable resemblance of a toy box, and your pantry in order so you can find the syrup a lot faster in the morning rush hour. This is the year you can do it! I just know it!

Goodwill out looks. Life is not always a bed of roses, but sometimes, we just need a few hugs, a few cheers, and few pep rally sessions. Make this year the best year ever! What are you doing to spread some goodwill?

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