Cold Weather Shopping ...

The cold weather is really hitting home now. After a glorious October with temperatures regularly above 18 degrees during the day in England (long sleeve t-shirt weather!) it finally dropped down to -5 last night. And to give you an idea of exactly how unorganised I can be, I haven't even bought my winter coat yet. This may not seem like huge problem to most, but I wouldn't be seen dead in anything I wore last year so until I get this sorted I will be C-O-L-D! Tomorrow will be coat shopping day but today I've picked out some of the best scarves.The biggest prints this year are plaid and dogtooth so it's no surprise that these designs are showing up everywhere on accessories like scarves. Burberry have made plaid famous over the years and this **Cashmere Happy Scarf in Peacock for $225** is stunning. Yes, it's expensive but it will last you a lifetime. This **dogtooth scarf by ASOS** on the other hand is a bargain at just £8.Accessories are always a great way to flash a designer name. One of the best pieces of advices I could give is to mix high street clothes with designer accessories and everyone will think everything you're wearing cost a whole lot more than it did. The **Juicy Couture hat and scarf set is $125** and comes in 3 different colours. I love the fact that this looks like the traditional English scarves that kids wore to school years ago (with their school name embroidered instead of 'Juicy Couture'!). The baby blue **Lacoste Scarf is $95**.Whatever scarf you wear this winter should obviously be warm, but even more importantly it should add something to your outfit. A bit of colour in winter does everybody good! I'm in love with the scarf on the left, £16.99 by **river island** and may even buy it. What do you think -** is it a yay or nay?** The colour block scarf on the right is £12 by **dorothy perkins****.** [...]

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