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My Sweater Coat Obsession

By Deidre

Filed under: Casual wear

Sometimes style isn't about what's trendy or even glamorous, it's about what you feel good in. The sweater coat shown here is what I've dubbed my comfort coat, the Cue & Emm Princess Sweater Coatwhich sells at Nordstrom for $128. I've been wearing it practically nonstop for the past month or so. Perhaps it's the big cabled tail in the back that flaps behind me and creates an airy shadow on the sidewalk. Maybe it's the shawl collar or the figure-flattering empire waist, but I just find myself pulling this out of the closet as often as possible. In this chilly winter, it feels cozy and yet chic, like a hug from a fabulous friend.

This happens to me sometimes with a particular piece of clothing the same way it does with a song that gets stuck in my head. I try to restrain myself but I just have to wear something over and over until I get sick of it. Someday I will fall out of love with the new sweater, it's already getting a bit shabby because wearing winter white for me is just asking for trouble but for now it's my sweater obsession.
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