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Just Say No to Short Sleeve Jackets ...

By Deidre

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I'm a bit of a fashion curmudgeon. There are just some trends that make me feel like grandma on the front porch waving my cane and yelling at the kids to get off my lawn. I've never understood the lure of the bolero, the shrug or any other bitty little jacket with long sleeves. Now, a new trend is fixing to bedevil me. It's the short-sleeved blazer. Three-quarter sleeve coats were bad enough, although like my mother's vintage leopard-print coat from the 1960s that I wore until the lining shredded, they had a certain charm, especially when worn with bangles or gloves. There is however, no excuses for the puffy short sleeved blazer or coat. Lest you think this is just an isolated case of a fashion no I've chosen four top offenders.

1) Shown here is the BCBG puffy-sleeved white jacket. Does this do a thing for this pretty girl's figure? No. She looks like her upper arms are encased in deflating airbags.

2)Marc Jacobs has one too. It has a cute belt around the waist but the outlandish sleeves turn model's slim forearms into sticks. Is he designing exclusively for Dakota Fanning now?

3) Fendi baseball jacket. Oh look, two impossible trends rolled up into one. I think baseball jackets belonging on baseball players or on girls dating baseball players. And the sleeves? Ugh.

4) If you must do this trend then the metallic short sleeve blazer from La Rok is the best of the short-sleeved blazers. The sleeves aren't overly puffy and it has a nice princess-seamed cropped shape.
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