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7 Things I Love Getting in the Mail ...

By Mercy

Regular mail is fast losing its place in the communication world when it comes to sending and receiving text information but as far as packages and deliveries go, it is still the only vehicle. There is something exciting and appealing about receiving a package from a courier or postman, signing for it and then rushing inside to tear it open and enjoy its contents. Here are 7 things I love getting in the mail.

1 Flowers

By far the best thing to get delivered to your home or office is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether they are packed in a box or delivered as a flower arrangement, nothing makes you feel as special when you’re on the receiving end. Whatever the occasion, receiving flowers by mail is an immediate mood boost.

2 Chocolates and Cakes

Originally flowers were the only romantic gift to send to your loved one. Today of course you can send a variety of things including chocolates and cakes. Receiving a beautifully presented box with delicious chocolates, cakes and pastries inside is a wonderful experience, one that should be passed on if you get the chance.

3 Wedding Invitations

Receiving wedding invitations are always a pleasure, particularly if it’s the wedding of someone close to you. Going through the carefully designed card, ribbon, lace and other adornments is quite enjoyable as it gives a taste of the kind of ceremony that lies ahead and also gets you started on your plans for the event.

4 Invitations to Openings or Launches

Receiving invitations to store openings, gallery showings or product launches is also a fun thing to receive in the mail. For one, it tells you that you are on the short list of happening people in the city. Secondly it offers you an excellent opportunity to have a night out with your partner and enjoy the free food and drink that accompanies such events.

5 Online Order Delivery

Once you’ve ordered something online, if you’re like me, you just can’t wait for it to arrive. Whether it’s clothes, gifts, photographs or other peripherals, once your card is swiped, you want your products delivered immediately. Receiving your online order is definitely one of the better things to get by mail.

6 Free Samples

Free samples are an excellent way for companies to promote their products and for you to try it out without having to dish out any dough. Some free samples come to you directly but others can be ordered online. Either way, receiving the samples is definitely fun and exciting if it’s something you’ve been looking forward to.

7 Favorite Magazine Subscriptions

Receiving the latest issue of your favorite magazine subscription definitely joins the list of fabulous things to get in the mail. It means you will be occupied for hours, curled up on the couch with a steaming cup of coffee pouring over the captivating contents of the freshly printed magazine.

Receiving things in the mail whether or not you are expecting it holds a certain charm for all of us. Even with the advent of email and fax, all of us would still like to receive a mysterious package every once in a while and the 7 items mentioned here are some of the most popular.

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