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7 Cool Pens That I Always Use ...

By Lyndsie

As a writer, you'd think that I go through a lot of pens. That's true … and not so true. I get kind of obsessive about pens. If I find one that feels good in my fingers and eases writer's cramp, I keep buying it. If I find one that makes a really beautiful script, I stick with it. If I write something really good using a certain pen, I superstitiously keep buying refills for it and refuse to get rid of it. These are 7 cool pens that I always use for various types of writing. I love these guys!

1 X750 Vertrag Fountain Pen

X750 Vertrag Fountain PenPrice: $14.95 at
I love fountain pens, but I'm really picky about which ones I use. Some of them are so messy, the lines they make are blurry or fuzzy, and they're just awful. Although I am all about saving money, with a fountain pen, sometimes the most expensive choice is best – although my favorite among them happens to be on sale at Amazon right now, so that's cool!

2 Pilot G2 Fine Point Gel Pen

Pilot G2 Fine Point Gel PenPrice: $13.07 for 12 at
I love gel pens as well but, again, I'm really picky. I don't like the ink to be too smooth or too runny, and I don't like them to run out too quickly either. The G2 meets all my criteria. It has a smooth script, so the writing looks really great, and the ink lasts for a surprisingly long time, especially for a gel pen.

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3 Pilot Dr. Grip Fine Point Gel Pen

Pilot Dr. Grip Fine Point Gel PenPrice: $9.99 at
Here's another gel pen I love. I confess, I initially bought it because it looks cool. I further confess that I end up buying a lot of pens because of the way they look. I luck out a lot of the time, though, and end up with a really great pen – like with this one. It's extremely comfortable to write with as well, which always makes me happy.

4 Cross Tech 3 Multi Function Pen

Cross Tech 3 Multi Function PenPrice: $34.92 at
Like say, sometimes you have to go all out with your writing utensils. Although this pen looks pretty standard, it's hiding the fact that it writes in black (for writing) and red (for corrections), plus it functions as a mechanical pencil (for notes) as well! I love this versatile pen, especially when I'm handwriting on a story.

5 Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pen

Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball PenPrice: $16.53 for 12 at
As you can see, I love the Pilot brand. Their pens last a long time, they have great script, and they're comfortable to use. I love this one for writing notes, especially, because it has a thin point, so I can scrawl fast without making a mess – and I can still read what I've written when I get finished.

6 Cross Contour Ballpoint Pen

Cross Contour Ballpoint PenPrice: $20.50 at
The thickness of this pen is what pleases me. Oh yeah, it looks cool too, and that's awesome, but the thickness and the grips at the end makes it comfortable for me to write a long time without getting writer's cramp or having any blisters rubbed against the sides of my fingers. I hate blisters.

7 Paper Mate Flexgrip Pen

Paper Mate Flexgrip PenPrice: $11.94 for 12 at
This is hands down my favorite pen – and it's just a Paper Mate! I have had the same black and silver Paper Mate (it's this style, by the way, just in a different color) since I was in high school. It's considered my lucky pen. I adore it beyond all reason and go crazy on the Better Half when I can't find it because nine times out of ten, guess what? The BH has borrowed my uber awesome pen and not mentioned it.

I'm just as picky about my pencils, but I rarely use them anymore – I've got a pen with a pencil, after all! What can I say, writing utensils are just intensely personal choices. What's your favorite implement to write with?

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