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By Amber

In a world where we use technology for almost everything, it is rare to receive a hand written letter from someone you love. Still, there is something special about getting a letter in handwriting rather than by email. It is a tangible way to know someone cares and it is quickly becoming a lost form of communication in our world. Take some time this week to write a letter to someone in your life, whether it is your grandmother, your friend, or your spouse. To make the letter writing experience even more enjoyable, invest in some adorable personalized stationary. Here are the 7 cutest sets of personalized stationary that you can use when you send letters to those you love.

1 Conquer to World Note Cards

Conquer to World Note CardsPrice: 48.00 at
Use this stationary to send a letter to your girlfriend. If you are a shoe enthusiast, this style is perfect. Personalized with your name, each card displays the quote “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

2 Simple Floral Flat Note Cards

Simple Floral Flat Note CardsPrice: 109.00 at
For a clean look, choose these simple floral note cards designed by Chloe B. Your set includes 25 cards with 3 different floral colors: aqua blue, lime green, and rich mocha. These simple cards could be used for any occasion. Write thank you notes or send an encouraging letter to a friend that is struggling.

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3 Madison Black Note Cards

Madison Black Note CardsPrice: 66.00 at
Are you the timeless Audrey Hepburn type? Then you are going to love this set. With a classic black and white damask print, these cards are gorgeous! Personalize them with your name in the middle and every letter you send will look perfect.

4 Stripe Flip Flops Fold-over Cards

Stripe Flip Flops Fold-over CardsPrice: 66.00 at
Usher in the summer with these fun cards. The flip flops will have you dreaming of the beach while you write a letter to someone special in your life. The bright sunny stripes are the perfect choice if you need new summer themed stationary.

5 Green Winter Playground Fold-over Cards

Green Winter Playground Fold-over CardsPrice: 75.00 at
Despite the name “Green Winter”, this set is perfect for any time of the year. The lime green pairs perfectly with hot pink. If you are a girl who appreciates a good dose of color, you will love these personalized cards.

6 Professional Shopper Notecards

Professional Shopper NotecardsPrice: 29.90 at
Do you spend a ridiculous amount of time at the mall? Are you known as the Shopping Queen among your friends and family? If so, this simple black and white design is going to be your next big purchase. These cards have a fun shopping theme without seeming childish so you can celebrate your affinity for retail therapy each time you send a card.

7 Teal Coral Fold-over Cards

Teal Coral Fold-over CardsPrice: 66.00 at
The gorgeous teal color is everywhere this spring and it seems that the world of stationary wasn’t going to miss out on the fun. These fold-over cards are bright and cheerful. Add your name in the middle with the font of your choice to change up the look.

Don’t you adore these 7 cutest sets of personalized stationary? Order your favorites today and then start sending letters to everyone you cherish. When is the last time you sent a hand written letter to someone in your life?

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