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In a world where we use technology for almost everything, it is rare to receive a hand written letter from someone you love. Still, there is something special about getting a letter in handwriting rather than by email. It is a tangible way to know someone cares and it is quickly becoming a lost form of communication in our world. Take some time this week to write a letter to someone in your life, whether it is your grandmother, your friend, or your spouse. To make the letter writing experience even more enjoyable, invest in some adorable personalized stationary. Here are the 7 cutest sets of personalized stationary that you can use when you send letters to those you love.

1. Conquer to World Note Cards

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Price: 48.00 at thestationerystudio.com
Use this stationary to send a letter to your girlfriend. If you are a shoe enthusiast, this style is perfect. Personalized with your name, each card displays the quote “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

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