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5 Eco-Friendly and Fab Finds ...

By Meream

1 the Basics

Eco-friendly jersey shirts, cardigans, shorts, and other wardrobe stables. Check out the link to enjoy choices from Chinti and Parker.

2 for Your Feet

For your feet, you can go eco-friendly by getting a pair of Melissa shoes. You may not like the idea of plastic shoes but you have to admit that the designs are quite pretty.

3 Accessories

This list has two tops but I want you to focus on the accessories. Yes, there are eco-friendly lines of watches, jewelry, and sunglasses out there.


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4 Spring Colorful

This list of eco-friendly and fab finds gives you basics as well but they are more colorful. Of course, you can wear them even after spring, all the way to winter (for layering).

5 Beauty for the Earth

A list of eco-friendly and fab finds will not be complete without beauty products. Head on over to Mama's a Rolling Stone for a wonderful selection.

And now it's your turn to show us links with eco-friendly content. Please leave them in our comments section.

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