7 Incredible Post-Holiday Sales ...

Do you know what's awesome about the fact that the holidays are over? Things get back to normal, sure, and privacy is finally restored, and those things are great … but I am talking about the sales. Stores are getting rid of all the things they stocked up on during the holidays, and all those items that didn't sale the first time around are now practically being given away. Check out these 7 incredible post-holiday sales at stores you can visit online and off!

1. Best Buy

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If you're looking for electronics, DVDs, CDs, or what have you, Best Buy is definitely the place to be – even right now! You can get some great deals on movies and DVD sets especially, but that's not all. You can also take the opportunity to stock up on batteries, black CDs and DVDs, and things like that. It won't hurt you to keep an eye out for coupons either.

2. Amazon

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Since Amazon sells pretty much everything, you can pretty much save on everything – especially books and movies. I am all over that. If you don't mind buying shoes, clothing, accessories – and pet supplies, skincare, makeup, gardening tools, and so on – from Amazon, you can really hit the jackpot right now.

3. Walmart

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Oh Walmart, what would we do without you? Walmart almost always has a sale going on, but right now it's crazy. If you've got a Super Walmart, you might even be able to get great deals on groceries, but you can definitely start stocking up on staples. Hey, you can even buy up all your Christmas paraphernalia for next year if you want. Wrapping paper is probably like 75 percent off or something.

4. Avenue

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For clothes hounds, definitely head over to the Avenue. Speaking from experience, they have some crazy sales going on. I mean, they are awesome. The ones around here are being especially generous with bras and panties – underwear and things like that. And I am always happy to take advantage of an underwear sale.

5. Kohls

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It's always fun when a true blue department store has a sale, especially one like Kohls. Items there are so expensive anyway – I don't know about you, but I have to have a sale going on before I can shop there. Right now, I can definitely shop there. Lots of Christmas and holiday themed things are practically being given away.

6. JC Penney

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Ditto with JC Penney except the savings are even a bit better, since it's not quite as expensive as Kohls in the first place. JCP has a lot of winter items on sale right now, things like sweaters, coats, scarves, and so on, and even though it's sunny here today, you just know it's going to get deadly cold again before too long.

7. Target

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And finally, we have Target, which always offers awesome prices. They're even more awesome in the post-holiday weeks coming up. Again, everything holiday themed must go! You might mess around and find sales on other items you love as well.

I love sales so much. I should make shopping at them a living or something. Where are your favorite sales happening? What do you think you'll buy?

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