7 Things to Put on Your Checklist before Moving ...

Having recently relocated to a new city, I thought I would share with you some tips from my experience. But oh, how I wish you could take away the stress that seemingly surrounded me for nearly eight weeks!

But… congrats! You’ve found a new place to live. Now you just need to get yourself – and your possessions – there in one piece. I’ve found that at my age, I’ve used up all of my friends with pizza and beer barter, so moving a fully-furnished apartment requires help from the professionals.

1. Movers

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Decide if you want or need a moving company. And RESEARCH the heck out of ‘em. I have read so many horror stories. And if you stick around the Internet long enough, you will encounter the “movers held my truck hostage for more money” stories and then some. Get your costs in writing, preferably with an in-home review with a sales person, and work with a reputable company who provides a “will not exceed” estimate. And always, always check with Better Business Bureau.

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