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7 Pros and Cons of Living in a Condo ...

By Jennifer

For the past year and a half, I’ve lived in a condo. I had never considered living in a condo before, living mostly in houses or flats instead, but when my boyfriend and I moved in together, we chose his condo over my flat, and it’s not what I expected. If you’re thinking of buying a condo, but aren’t sure what to expect, I can help! Here are 7 pros and cons of living in a condo…

1 Pro: No Yard Work

Pro: No Yard WorkPhoto Credit: aussiegall

The summers in Michigan can be brutally hot and humid, so who wants to spend an hour or more cutting the lawn or raking leaves or trimming shrubbery? Not me! Living in a condo means someone else will do all of the yard work while you sit on your deck drinking lemonade and reading a book, what a girl ought to be doing on a hot summer’s day!

2 Con: No Garden

Con: No GardenPhoto Credit: bridgy2008

ON the other hand, I love having a garden, and in most condos, there’s just no room for that. In fact, even if there is room, most associations limit what you can plant and when, from tulip bulbs to tomatoes. I miss my peonies and raspberries!

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3 Pro: No Snow Removal

Pro: No Snow RemovalPhoto Credit: lorian45

Along with not having to do yard work is the major advantage of not having to shovel snow off a sidewalk or driveway. After a big snow fall, I’d much rather drink cocoa and snuggle in front of the fire…

4 Con: Hefty Association Fees

The downside to all of the yard work and snow removal is that someone has to pay for it — and that someone is you. Each condo owner pays association fees, and that money is used for all kinds of things, from new roofs to new pathways to landscaping and snow removal. Our fees were small when the condos were built 8 years ago, but since then they’ve tripled!

5 Pro: Safety

It’s true what they say: there IS safety in numbers. Living in a condo complex means you’ll have lower crimes rates, since most complexes are somewhat private.

6 Con: Privacy

Con: PrivacyPhoto Credit: tinitoac

And speaking of privacy, that’s the thing I miss the most, aside from the garden. It’s nice to have neighbors, but in a condo complex, sometimes they can be a bit much, a bit nosey. Living in condos and apartments means that there’s almost always someone within earshot…

7 Mixed: Resale Value

Buying a condo has always made me worry about resale values, but according to the realtors I’ve spoken to, this is a mixed thing. Sometimes condos sell well, and sometimes they don’t. Seniors tend to like them, but young families don’t. Also, in times of economic crisis, they tend to sell for a lot less, since a lot of condo owners use them as second homes or lease properties.

Living in a condo is a great idea for some people, but not so perfect for others. When you know what to expect, you can make a much better decision, so I hope my list of pros and cons has helped! Have you ever lived in a condo? What did you like and dislike about it? Please let me know!

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