10 Household Uses of Aluminum Foil ...


10 Household Uses of Aluminum Foil ...
10 Household Uses of Aluminum Foil ...

We have all searched for something at one time or another in the kitchen or elsewhere around the home and not been able find it, which can be very annoying. So what do you do? Making do and mending can sometimes work just as well as the real thing if it’s a temporary solution that is needed. With a little thought and imagination you can often be surprised by your own ingenuity. Take this for example – here are 10 household uses of aluminum foil.

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If you need a funnel and can’t find one anywhere around the house, you can get some aluminum foil and shape it into one. Not only will this solve your problem, but you can shape the aluminum funnel into the exact shape you need. It's a great household use for aluminum foil.


Lunch Wrap

When you need to make up a packed lunch but don’t have enough containers all you have to do is wrap your goodies, sandwiches or cakes in aluminum foil. If you do this, your sandwiches stay as fresh as when you made them. Works even better than sandwich bags!


Frozen Bread

If you have a loaf of bread that needs to be defrosted, a good way of doing this quickly without making it go solid is to wrap it in aluminum foil. Then, place it in a warm oven for a few minutes. When you get it out of the oven, you will be surprised at how moist the bread is because it was wrapped in foil.


Sharpening Scissors

Because there are plenty of household uses of aluminum foil, keep odd bits in a drawer. When you need to sharpen any scissors you have around the house, a great way of doing this is to place a few sheets together and then cut them into strips with the blunt scissors. This will sharpen your scissors wonderfully.


Slug Repellent

After you have sharpened your scissors keep the strips you have cut and mix them with the mulch you have bought to put around the cucumber plants in your garden. By mixing the foil strips with the mulch you will keep slugs and other hungry insects away from your plants. You can also fix a strip of foil around a plant tub to prevent slugs making their way up the sides and over the rim.


Bird Boogies

Another great way of using up the strips of foil you have used to sharpen your scissors is to hang the strips on your fruit trees. This will stop any wild birds from stealing all the fruit on them, especially if you hang them in a line on some fishing wire. The rustling of the foil will scare away the birds very effectively.


Fireplace Liner

Another household use of aluminum foil is in a fireplace to catch all the ashes from the fire. Put some heavy duty foil under your fire grate before you light the fire. The next day when you come to clean out the fireplace, all you have to do is take the cooled off ashes which are on the foil and fold it all up neatly to safely discard it in your rubbish bin or put the ashes on your garden around your plants.


Paintbrush Maintenance

If you are decorating your home and need to keep your paint brushes moist overnight and ready to use the next day, a good way of doing this is to wrap the brushes in aluminum foil. Make sure that you wrap them in the foil as tightly as possible. Your brushes will be fine to use again the following day.


Lost Lids

If you have ever lost the lid to something, foil makes a great emergency substitute for whatever you need to cover. It is really easy to get the shape you need. That way, it doesn’t matter what form of size the container is.



The household uses of aluminum foil include inside and out. If your exterior lights don’t give off enough light, a brilliant idea is to place some foil in them to act as reflectors. This will illuminate your backyard really well on those dark evenings or when you are entertaining friends for a barbeque.

The uses are wide and varied. Foil is more durable than many other forms of wrap or paper products, can protect or preserve and is cheap and easy to store to boot. With all these great household uses of aluminum foil it’s like having a magic tool kit in your pantry. Does anyone know anymore?

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